Here is a small excerpt of the customs regulations when travelling to and from Norway. For more detailed information we recommend that you check the Customs Service's Internet pages -

See the duty free quota for journeys between Norway, Denmark and Sweden here.

Travelling to Norway

Rules for Exemption from Customs and Excise Duties

If you have been outside Norway for at least 24 hours,
you may bring with you goods representing a total value of NOK 6000 free of customs and excise duties.

If you have been outside Norway for less than 24 hours,
you may once within a 24 hour period bring with you goods representing a total value of NOK 3000 exclluding customs and excise duties.This does not include alcohol or tobacco products unless you can prove that these have been purchased for a price including customs and excise dutiy (not duty-free) in an EEA country.


Children underthe age of 12

Children under the age of 12 are not allowed to bring with them any customs and excise free foodstuffs with the exception of soft drinks, chocolates and sweets.

Within the limit of NOK 6000/3000, you are allowed to bring with you the following articles free of customs and excise duty: (NB! See limit in case of absence for less than 24 hours as described above)


Meat, meat products and cheese

A total of 10 kg of meat and meat products, cheese and foodstuffs except dog and cat food



On entering Norway, you are allowed to bring with you means of payment for a total amount of NOK 25,000.


Red or Green lane?

At most points of entry, you will find RED and GREEN lanes. When passing through the red lane, you are indicating that you are carrying goods subject to customs and excise duty and/or which require special import permission. Choosing the green lane indicates that you are only carrying items free of customs and excise duty and that you are not carrying items requiring any special import permission.
When in doubt choose red and ask the customs officers for advice.

Note! The following arrivals / departures will not be covered by a forwarding agent in Hirtshals:
Departure from Hirtshals 23:15 to Kristiansand (arrival 01:30). Departure from Kristiansand 20:00 with arrival Hirtshals 22:15. If you carry goods, this is at your own risk, Fjord Line will not be able to process customs until the following day at 08:00.

Travelling from Norway

Documentation of objects you are taking with you

Objects which you have taken out of Norway may be re-imported free of customs and excise duties. Upon entering the country you may be asked for documentation showing that the objects you are bringing with you are the same ones you have taken out of the country previously. The customs authorities will upon request issue a documentation form on which you may list the objects in question. These may be radios, still or video cameras, binoculars, PCs and such. The above documentation may be used again at a later point if you wish to take one or several of the objects abroad with you again.



When travelling from Norway, you are allowed to take means of payment with you for a total amount of NOK 25,000. If you have more than this amount with you, you must give notification using a form that can be obtained from Norwegian Customs. You must hand in the form to the customs service on departure. By means of payment is meant, for example, Norwegian and foreign bank notes and coins, cheques/ traveller’s cheques and other documents of value.

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