This holiday you can meet Fjordy!

Hi everyone! My name is Fjordy. I am, as you can see, not a regular person. Actually, I live under water. And that’s fine. Under water is where lobsters like me belong, along with fish, seal, crayfish and all my other friends.

But, this holiday I am doing something special. I will swim up to the surface where you and all the other children live. I am ready to go on a treasure hunt with you! It’s going to be so much fun!

And guess what? I have my own song! That’s pretty cool.  My friends and I sing and dance to it all the time. Would you like to listen to the Fjordy-song before we meet and can dance to it together?

See you on board Fjord Line!

Greetings from Fjordy, your best lobster friend

Fjordy guarantees a playful voyage.

This holiday you can join the oceans happiest lobster on an adventure. Meet Fjordy and take pictures with him. Dance to the Fjordy-song. And who knows, maybe you will see Fjordy do magic as well?

You can meet Fjordy on all of our ships, except HSC Fjord Cat.

* Fjordy-show is arranged on MS Stavangerfjord and MS Bergensfjord

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