On board

Tax free shopping

The tax free shop on Fjord Cat is located at the stern of the ship. There you will find a good selection of bestsellers within the various product groups.

The shop is open all the time during all crossings.

Download our tax free catalogue here!

Buffet Navigator

In our Buffet Navigator we serve a buffet style breakfast, lunch and dinner. Our classic breakfast buffet offers a great start of the day and the trip. Our lunch table offers a selection of both hot and cold dishes, desserts and coffee. Our dinner buffet offers a wide selection of hot and cold dishes for every taste. You will also find a salad bar and dessert table.

In addition to Buffet Navigator we have a café on Deck 2 and a kiosk on Deck 3, where we sell hot dogs, ice cream, sandwiches and beverages. Please note that Buffet Navigator and the kiosk on Deck 3 can be closed during some departures.

Basic seat

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Comfort + Buffet

Comfort seat