Fjord Club member benefits

  = Fjord Club (Free)
  = Fjord Club Premium (145 NOK per 12 months)
  = Fjord Club Ambassador
   (Upgraded at 1.000 points)
Your benefitsFjord Club
Fjord Club

145 NOK per year
Fjord Club

Upgraded at
1.000 points
Bonus points
  • Earned on journey
  • As payment of journey
News, inspiration and invitations
  • Newsletter
Member discount on journeys and products
  • Discount in tax free shop
  • Discount on car packages
Exclusive Fjord Club Premium benefits
  • Discount on cruise
  • Discount on breakfast, lunch and dinner buffet incl. companion
  • No administration fee when booking via telephone
  • Bring one companion at member discount on cruise
Exclusive Fjord Club Ambassador benefits
  • Gift voucher