On board

Enjoy First Class dining

Fjord Line has developed a food concept for MS Stavangerfjord and MS Bergensfjord that offers passengers a variety of alternatives and the opportunity for outstanding dining experiences.

The high standards of quality for ingredients, preparation and service apply equally to all the restaurants on board. Fjord Line's ships also have full liquor licenses.

Commander Buffet

Help yourself to a variety of good food and enjoy the great views of the sea.

This is the largest restaurant on the ship, with seating for about 250 guests, and is located in the stern on Deck 7.

*Meals must be booked minimum 24 hours before departure.
*The buffet seating is valid for 90 minutes. This includes all meals.

Opening hours

From Bergen/Stavanger - Hirtshals

17:30–19:00 & 19:30–23:00 & *06:30–08:00

*From 1st of June until 31st of August the buffet will be served from 06.00-07.30


From Hirtshals - Stavanger/Bergen

19:30–23:00 & 05:00–10:30 

From Hirtshals - Langesund   


From Langesund - Hirtshals





Breakfast Buffet

Adult (from 12 years): €18

Child 4–11 years: €9

Child 0–3 years: Free

Lunch buffet

Adult (from 12 years): €28

Child 4–11 years: €14

Child 0–3 years: Free

Dinner Buffet

Adult (from 12 years): €41

Child 4–11 years: €21

Child 0–3 years: Free

Grieg Brasserie

Grieg Brasserie is our gourmet restaurant on board. Here the atmosphere is perfectly low-key. The seating is comfortable and the service is polite, discrete and pleasant. And more importantly: everything that arrives on your plate and in your glass is both exquisite and out of the ordinary.

The Brasserie's chefs combine French brasserie traditions with Nordic ingredients. The result is good, uncomplicated and flavorful meals made from scratch. The menu is always inspired by the season.

We would like to think that Grieg Brasserie will be a perfect for you, whether you are on board for romance, or are celebrating something special with friends or colleagues.

The restaurant, with seating for 62 guests, is located in the stern on Deck 7.

Opening hours

From Bergen/Stavanger - Hirtshals

Lunch: 14:00–16:30
Dinner: 17:30–23:00


From Hirtshals - Stavanger/Bergen

Lunch: 19:00–23:00


From Langesund - Hirtshals

Lunch: 14:00–16:30
Dinner: 17:30–19:00


Oasis Garden Café

This friendly self-service eatery offers simple dishes in a café decorated like a garden. 

Oasis Garden Café is located amidships on Deck 7 and has room for about 280 guests.

Opening hours

From Bergen/Stavanger - Hirtshals

13:15–23:00 & 06:30–08:00


From Hirtshals - Stavanger/Bergen

19:30–23:00 og 05:00–12:15


From Hirtshals - Langesund   

08:00 - 13:15


From Langesund - Hirtshals





Pier 42

Nearby the reception on deck 7 you will find our sportsbar Pier 42. Watch different sports on our big TV-screens, while enjoying our refreshing variety of snacks and drinks.

Apart from discussing the results, you can also experience live performances, play board games, read a good book, have a chat with newfound or old friends, or just relax and enjoy the trip. At Pier 42 everyone can have a good time, regardless of your favorite team or interests in sports.

Opening hours

From Bergen/Stavanger - Hirtshals

13:30 - 02:00


From Hirtshals - Stavanger/Bergen

20:00 - 02:00


From Hirtshals - Langesund   



From Langesund - Hirtshals

13:00 - 02:00

Tax free

The tax free shop on MS Stavangerfjord and MS Bergensfjord is located at the stern on Deck 6 and is an impressive 500 square meters in size. Here you will find an ample selection of everything from cosmetics to clothing, accessories, perfumes and candies at very attractive prices.

See and download our Tax free catalogue


Welcome aboard the tax free shop on MS Stavangerfjord and MS Bergensfjord! 

Opening hours

​​​​From Bergen/Stavanger

​​​​14:00 - 17:00 & 20:00 - 23:00 


​​​​From Langesund 

​​​​15:00 - 18:30


​​​​From Hirtshals to Langesund   

​​​​10:00 - 13:00


​​​​From Hirtshals to Stavanger 

​​​​20:00 - 23:00


​​​​To Bergen

​​​​10:00 - 12:30


An unforgettable evening at sea

Welcome on board MS Stavangerfjord and MS Bergensfjord, where you will experience entertainment like never before. Our artists have an amazing opportunity to be close to the audience, be spontaneous and adapt their show according to your wishes, in order to ensure a unique experience on board. If you like dancing, you will love our extraordinary show in Fjord Lounge. If you prefer a calmer atmosphere while following sportsevents on our TV-screens, our fabulous sportsbar Pier 42 is the perfect alternative for you.

Get ready for an unforgettable evening at sea!


Captain's Corner (R4)

Suite with sea view (S4)

Captain’s View (L4)

Styrk Fjærtoft Trondsen

DeLuxe cabin with sea view (DLX3)

DeLuxe cabin with sea view (DL3)

Mini Luxe cabin with sea view (ML4)

Some noise from the nightclub.

Mini Luxe cabin with sea view (ML3)

Mini Luxe cabin with sea view (MLS3)

Some noise from the nightclub.

Mini Luxe cabin with sea view (ML2)

Some noise from the nightclub.

Family Class (N5)

Standard cabin with sea view (F4)

Standard cabin with limited sea view (FU4)

Standard cabin without window (B4)

Some noise from the nightclub.

Standard cabin without window (I4)

Standard cabin with sea view (F2)

Standard cabin without window (I2)

Standard cabin without window (IS2)

Kimm Saatvedt/Palookaville

Air seat (AS)

Four bed cabin for guests with accessibility needs

There is a modern and comfortable dog kennel on board MS Stavangerfjord and MS Bergensfjord where your dog can stay during the crossing. The dog kennel is on Deck 10 in a quiet location.

There are two options available for dog owners who wish to bring their dog on board:

• The dog can be kept in the car on the car deck during the crossing. The price for transporting small animals in the car is NOK 50. Walking takes place in an area on Deck 10 beside the kennel. Please note that the vehicle deck is closed during the crossing. Supervision and walking during the crossing can be arranged with the crew on board. Reception has set times for visits to the vehicle deck. Please go to reception as soon as you come on board to find out when it is possible to walk your dog during the crossing. Please remember the dog bag! Guests can use their boarding card to access this area.

• The dog can stay in the kennel on Deck 10. The kennel is located near the Sky Lounge where there is an area for dog walking as well as a separate area where dogs can relieve themselves. There is also access to water. You must clean up after your pet.

Please note that the owner is completely responsible for the animal and its wellbeing during the crossing. The crew will assist if the owner has any questions, but the kennel will not be supervised by any crew members. Dogs are not allowed on the sun deck, inside the ship or in the cabins.

Price for keeping a dog in the kennel is NOK 100 one way. 

Cage sizes:
Medium: 70x100x75
Large: 100x100x75
Extra Large: 120x100x160

In summer it can get quite hot on the car deck and unfortunately this is difficult to avoid. The temperature on the car deck is not expected to get much higher than the outside temperature. Cars are primarily parked on Deck 5 and 6, while the ship's engines are on Deck 1 and 2. Transport trucks are parked on Deck 3, and some heat can be expected from that deck. The car deck is always ventilated.