Gaustablikk Apartments

A well-equipped ski centre at the foot of the highest mountain in Southern Norway. The Gaustablikk Apartments are the gateway to the Telemark ski experience package.

If you know anything about skiing history, then you’ll have heard of Telemark. It was here in the 1800s that Sondre Nordheim, the man known as “the father of modern skiing”, developed the famous Telemark style of skiing. Telemark remains a popular ski destination with excellent ski resorts.

One of these is Gaustablikk at the foot of Gaustatoppen, the highest mountain in Southern Norway. This is a proper ski centre located 960 metres above sea level and is very popular with families. There are 80 km of cross-country skiing trails, 3 km of which are floodlit and 31.5 km of downhill slopes (17 green runs, 2 blue, 9 red and 5 black). For young people and those who are young at heart, there is also a toboggan hill, snowboard park and ski school.

A place where you can sleep, eat and relax in between all this activity is essential. Gaustablikk Apartments is a wonderful option. The apartments are just 75 metres from Gaustablikk Høyfjellshotell, where you have access to all the facilities. The apartments have everything you need such as a kitchenette, refrigerator, freezer and TV.

The apartments are in Gaustablikk at the foot of Gaustatoppen, which is situated 900 metres above sea level in Nord-Telemark

170 km from Langesund
15 km from Rjukan
6 km from Gaustatoppen
22 km from Vemork

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Hotel rooms

Type 1

Apartments for 4 people, 30 m2 (Fjord Line recommends 3 people).

    Type 2

    Apartment for 4–5 people, 45 m2.


      Kvitåvtanvegen 372, 3660 Rjukan, Norge