Borgund Stave Church – living medieval history

Borgund Stave Church – living medieval history

Less than an hour's drive from Flåm, you'll find one of the most beautiful examples of Norway's iconic stave churches: Borgund Stave Church.

Built around 1,180, Borgund Stave Church is like something out of a fairytale, with its porticoes, multi–level roof and towers, elaborately carved dragon heads on the roof ridge and scaly roof tiles.

The church is a fascinating sight, as it is located in the middle of the valley between impressive mountains, and the experience becomes no less fascinating when you enter the church. It's like stepping back in time hundreds of years: The medieval interior is virtually untouched by time, and both the wooden floor and the benches have been optimally preserved.

The church is one of the most authentic you can experience as it stands much as it did the day it was built – you can feel the history around you as you stand in the middle of the church hall where the churchgoers stood almost 1,000 years ago.

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Next to Borgund Stave Church is the visitor centre, where you can experience the exciting exhibition about the stave churches and their function in religious life in the Middle Ages. The visitor centre has also recently opened a new exhibition on "Unique Viking Finds" with finds from the 9th century.

Don't forget to take the opportunity to walk in the valley and enjoy the sight of the stave church from a distance. The church is also located right on one of Norway's Historical Routes, Vindhellavegen, which invites you to take a relaxing walk in the scenic surroundings. This route is part of the Kongevegen over Fillefjell, which was named Norway's most beautiful road in 2014. The road was opened in 1793 and was the first road between eastern and western Norway that was passable by wagon.

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