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Fjord cruise on Nærøyfjorden

Fjord cruise on Nærøyfjorden

Just 45 minutes drive from Voss, a world–class experience awaits: a fjord cruise on the UNESCO–protected Nærøyfjord.

The archipelago is a UNESCO World Heritage Site because of its unique nature. The fjord is surrounded by steep mountainsides, whose peaks rise as high as 1,800 metres, and they are often covered in snow for much of the year.
The Fjord cruise starts in Gudvangen and lasts around two hours each way from Gudvangen to Flåm. The trip is a pearl of beautiful nature experiences – sit back and enjoy the sight of mountainsides, snow–capped peaks, fascinating waterfalls, vast forests and cosy settlements along the shores of the narrow, spectacular fjord.
The ferries used on the fjord cruise are an experience in themselves – they are specially designed for the area and the inspiration from the Norwegian landscape is evident in the winding walkways, which provide ample opportunity to see the surroundings from different angles along the way.
You can choose to either sail round–trip or sail one way and take the scabintle bus back to your departure point, so you can also experience the beautiful landscape from the land side.
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