Gaustatoppen in winter clothes

With or without skis on your feet – the Gaustatoppen is a MUST if you visit Gausta.

A skiing holiday in Gausta is not complete without a trip to Gaustatoppen. Here you can enjoy Norway's best–selling waffles – and a view over a sixth of the country in clear weather.
The trip up is via the unique Gaustabanen, an underground railway inside the mountain, originally built as a NATO installation in 1959, but which in recent years has brought thousands of tourists to the top of the beautiful mountain. The course is two–part – the first part goes 850 metres directly into the mountain, then you switch to a cable car, which takes you 1,050 metres uphill with a 39–degree climb.
On the way down, you can either choose to take the Gausta cable car or – weather permitting – have the experience of a lifetime on the family–friendly off–piste route or the steep runs that experienced skiers can explore with a guide.
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Look around on Gaustatoppen in winter clothes