Hike to Blåfjellenden – Idyllic hike in Fjord Norway

Just an hour's drive from Stavanger awaits one of Norway's hidden gems: the Blåfjellenden hike.

From Stavanger, it is only around one hour's drive to reach Hunnedalen, where the hike starts. There are plenty of parking spaces and the starting point of the route is well marked. Lace up your hiking shoes, make sure your packed lunch and water bottle are in your bag – and set off into the stunning Norwegian mountain landscape!

The first part of the hike to Blåfjellenden Tourist Cabin goes uphill until you reach the top of the mountain. Then you'll head over the mountain, past small waterfalls, streams and wetlands – and lots of berry bushes and other mountain plants that give the landscape its unique character. Remember to look up as you make your way over the mountain – and enjoy the views of cliffs and lakes as the landscape spreads out around you under the blue sky.

After around three hours you arrive at the tourist cabin, where you can rest your legs while eating the packed lunch and enjoying the view of the impressive mountains around you and the small lake next to the cabin.

Then the trip goes back to Hunnedalen and your car. If time allows, we recommend you take a look at the map and follow one of the alternative routes back to Stavanger – or perhaps drive out to Solastranden to enjoy the sunset before heading back to your hotel.

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