Norsk Folkemusem – One of the world's largest open–air museums

Visit the Norsk Folkemuseum – an impressive open–air museum in Oslo, where you can time–travel through 160 historic buildings.

The museum is spread over a large area where you can travel between time periods, regions, towns and farms and experience how the Norwegians have lived and worked from the 16th century to the present day.
Explore the farms and see how they vary from region to region, and take a stroll along the cobbled streets of the "old town" and discover the impressive old town houses and shops. Don't be afraid to look inside – here you can meet the residents, who will be happy to show off their skills and tell you about their work and life during that period.
The King Oscar II Collection features unique old buildings that were moved to Oslo in 1890 and are considered the world's first open–air museum. The pearl of the collection is the spectacular Gol Stave Church, built as far back as the 13th century.
Don't forget to allow plenty of time for your visit, so that you can also visit the indoor exhibition, where you, for example can discover interiors, furniture, clothing, silverware, altarpieces, Sami handicrafts and, not least, Norway's first Great Hall.
Read more and see opening hours on the museum's website.

Look around on Norsk Folkemusem – One of the world's largest open–air museums


Museumsveien 10, Bygdøy, 0287 Oslo, Norge