The Science Factory – Exciting technology museum near Stavanger

The Science Factory – Exciting technology museum near Stavanger

At the Science Factory, you can experience four floors of interactive exhibitions and experiments. Here you will have fun and learning for the whole family!

At Science Factory, you can learn about science, mathematics, energy, astronomy and the region's fascinating industrial history. There are lots of fun and exciting activities and experiments for the whole family to learn about.

All the exhibits are interactive, so you're more than welcome to touch things and even have competitions with each other on your way around the museum. For example, race in wheelchairs, find out how hot each of your brains is and test who in the family has the fastest reactions.

At Abelloftet, opened in 2019, you can explore as many as 50 mathematics experiments and installations in what is called the largest mathematics exhibition in Norway. Here, maths is far from boring – try entering the big kaleidoscope, for example, and learn how it works mathematically.

The Science Factory also has Norway's first "tesla–coil", where the brave can try to catch arcs and flashes of lightning that shoot off at a whopping 500,000 volts!

Don't forget to stop by the Observation Terrace on the top floor, where the Solar Telescope is in use on sunny days, and explore space in the state–of–the–art Planetarium, which shows both space films and an artificial starry sky that can be admired in the large 360–degree digital cinema.

The Science Factory regularly organises special events, science shows and other exciting activities – see the calendar, opening times and prices on the Science Factory's website.

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