The Viking Planet – Explore the Viking Age with Virtual Reality

Visit Norway's first digital museum in Oslo city centre. Here you can experience the Viking Age as if you were there yourself – using cutting–edge virtual reality technology.

A visit to The Viking Planet is guaranteed to be an exciting and fascinating experience for the whole family The Viking Planet is an innovative and engaging attraction where you get a very lifelike experience of the Viking Age.

Here you can meet human–sized Viking holograms, explore the iconic designs and symbols of the Viking Age, time–travel through the Viking timeline and take selfie zone photos with iconic Viking backdrops and filters – all using modern technologies such as VR (virtual reality), hologram technology, a 270–degree cinema and interactive 'windows' that give a vivid insight into the fascinating lives of the Vikings.

In addition to the virtual exhibitions, the Viking Planet has started to create physical exhibitions in 2021. Here you can get up close to the harsh everyday life of the Vikings as runes, artefacts, clothing, equipment and weapons bring history to life around you.

Read more and see opening hours on the Viking Planet website

Look around on The Viking Planet – Explore the Viking Age with Virtual Reality


Fridtjof Nansens Plass 4, 0160 Oslo, Norge