Foto: Vikingbyen Gudvangen / FjordNorway
The Viking village of Njardarheimr

The Viking village of Njardarheimr

Take an exciting journey back in time to the Viking town of Njardarheimr – experience what it was like to be a Viking in the living museum in the "Valley of the Vikings".

On the tour, you will see how the Vikings lived and travelled, see their boats, houses, weapons and tools, hear their story and experience how the Viking Age has left its mark even today.
Take a walk among the more than 20 houses of the Viking village and see the craftsmen in action, or try your hand at archery, axe throwing or Viking games – because in Njardarheimr, history is brought to life all around you.
The local Vikings will be happy to tell you about their life, religion and crafts, and you can finish off your visit by tasting the freshly prepared Viking dishes made from authentic ingredients – cooked over a fire, of course.
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