Lysefjorden and Preikestolen – unique natural wonders a stone’s throw from Denmark

Text: Anne Bloksgaard Nielsen Published 15.02.2021

Close to Stavanger and only a few hours from Denmark, you’ll find one of Norway’s most beautiful fjords: Lysefjorden. Around 42 km long and 500 metres deep, the fjord is the epitome of what the Norwegian fjords have to offer.

There are many ways to explore this impressive region, but one of the best ways by far to experience the fjord is from the water on a sightseeing boat or one of the local ferries. Here you can sit back and enjoy the views of the blue-green fjord, which cuts between the steep cliff walls, and be captivated by the enchanting views of some of the area’s highlights: The rock formations Preikestolen and Kjerag and the beautiful waterfall Hengjanefossen, which cascades 400 metres down the cliff walls before thundering into the fjord.

If you take the local ferry from Lauvvik, the trip will end right at the source of the fjord in the small village of Lysebotn, which was only accessible from the water in the past. If you prefer, you can bring your car on to the ferry and drive over the mountain for your return journey. This route follows a beautiful coastal road that winds up the side of the mountain from Lysebotn and whose hairpin turns offer magnificent views over the fjord. You may also choose to take the ferry back again if you haven’t gotten enough of the breath-taking views that Lysefjorden offers.

Preikestolen – one of the most spectacular places on earth

Photo: Popova / GettyImages

The most popular attraction along Lysefjorden – and one of Norway’s most visited destinations – is without a doubt the astounding rock formation Preikestolen. The 604 metre-high cliff rises almost perfectly vertically from the fjord to form a rectangular, flat plateau. Preikestolen is visited annually by up to 250,000 tourists, who flock here to take in the panoramic views of fjords and mountains that are guaranteed to take the breath away from most – the attraction is quite understandably on Lonely Planet’s list of the top ten most unique and beautiful places in the world!


The hike up to Preikestolen takes round two hours each way and offers excellent spots to stop and enjoy a packed lunch in stunning Norwegian nature before you reach the top and step out onto the awe-inspiring viewing platform with one of the best views in Norway.

Kjerag – Lysefjorden from a bird’s eye view

Foto: Pawel Gaul / GettyImages.

Lysefjorden also offers another absolutely exceptional natural experience, although it’s only for the more adventurous hiking enthusiasts: Kjerag, the highest mountain peak by the fjord, which at 1084 metres gives you truly fantastic views directly over Lysefjorden. For the adventurous, the climax of the trip to Kjerag is a picture of the famous Kjeragbolten – an enormous boulder that is wedged between two cliffs at a height of 1000 metres above the fjord.

The hike to Kjerag takes around three hours and is more strenuous and demanding than the trip to Preikestolen – but the views when you get to the top totally make it worth it!

Take a historic journey in Landa Park

Close to Lysefjorden is a unique experience of a completely different kind: a journey back in time to the living ancient village of Landa Park.Traces have been found here of more than 250 houses from the Bronze and Iron Ages, many of which have been restored to how we think they would have looked more than 3000 years ago. Adults and children alike can take part in exciting activities from the Bronze Age and the time of the Vikings, such as archery, baking and cooking, handicrafts, as well as horseback riding. Complete your trip back in time with an overnight stay in a Bronze Age house and wake up right in the middle of history!