Norway – A sustainable destination

Text: Anne Bloksgaard Nielsen Published 10.02.2022

Norway has just been voted one of the world’s best destinations in 2022 by Lonely Planet – thanks in large part to its key focus on sustainable travel experiences.

Easy access to public transport

Norway has an extensive and efficient network of buses and trains, whether you’re staying in town, sailing along the coast or heading further inland. For example, if you’re sailing to Bergen, you can reach countless beautiful destinations by train via Bergensbanen, that goes all the way to Oslo.

Lots of charging stations for electric vehicles

Norway is the world’s leading nation when it comes to the prevalence of electric cars. Of course, this also means that there’s easy access to charging stations if you’re bringing your electric car on holiday – in fact there are more than 10,000 charging stations around the country.

Focus on local and short-distance ingredients

Hotels and restaurants all over Norway have placed enormous focus on minimising their environmental impact by primarily using organic, local and short-distance ingredients. Enjoy delicious dishes with locally cultivated berries and vegetables and meat from farms in the surrounding valleys and mountains – or what about an exquisite meal of fish and shellfish caught right outside the hotel’s windows?

Did you know that...

Your trip to Norway is also sustainable? Our two large ferries sail on natural gas, and Fjord FSTR emits 32% less CO2 than its predecessor.

3 tips for environmentally friendly experiences in Norway

eMobility sightseeing i Flåm

In Flåm – which you can reach by train from Bergen – you can rent an electric minicar and enjoy environmentally friendly sightseeing in Aurlandsdalen’s beautiful natural surroundings.

Fjord cruise with electric ferries on Nærøyfjorden

Many fjord cruise operators now use electric ferries so you can enjoy the captivating natural surroundings in an environmentally friendly way – including the battery-powered Future of the Fjords, which takes you through the stunning, UNESCO-protected Nærøyfjord.

Sustainable city ferry in Oslo

In 2019, Oslo was named European Green Capital for its major efforts to protect the surrounding natural environment and reduce pollution. The city is always striving to meet new green targets for e.g. less food waste and the reduction of CO2 emissions from buildings, industry and transport.

Green travel tip

Keep an eye out for the “Sustainable Destination” label when planning this year’s holiday. This label confirms that the destination operates at a high level of sustainability – not just environmentally, but also relative to the local community, cultural history and economy.