Rauland – Year-round idyllic mountaintop village

Text: Anne Bloksgaard Nielsen Published 11.02.2022

Rauland is the epitome of Norwegian mountaintop idyll, situated at the foot of the enormous Hardangervidda plateau. You can take part in incredible activities out in nature here all year round – with a wide range of enjoyable pursuits for the whole family to enjoy. In this article, we give you our vote for the three best activities in each of the four seasons.


1. So many skiing opportunities
In the early spring months, Rauland’s ski season is still in full swing – it often stretches into mid-April. But if you’d prefer to experience the fascinating snowy landscape in other ways, you can take a trip on a dog sled with Haukeli Husky – or how about a snowmobile safari for the whole family?

2. A bike ride through the springtime mountains
See the coming of spring at first hand when you cycle through the highlands.Many places in Rauland offer bikes for hire, either electric or mountain bikes, so you can choose the type that best suits your needs. Enjoy the springtime sunshine as you ride along gravel trails through the fascinating landscape of grey boulders, moss in every shade of green and the young light green shoots and newly sprouted leaves on the trees around you.

3. Vass adventure in Haukeli
The ”Vass adventure” is an interactive trail with fun activities for all ages. Along the path you’ll follow a superhero, Sindre, the water drop, who has to prevent the evil water vampire Surkula from polluting the water in the area.


1. Visit the “children’s favourites”
In Vierli, at Rauland Holiday Centre, the family’s youngest members can play with lots of different Norwegian pets – from goats and ducks to rabbits and cats. In addition to the animals, “Barnas seter” also has lots of activities, a large playground, climbing wall and bouncy castle.

2. Hiking in Hardangervidda
Situated at the foot of the Hardangervidda mountain plateau, Rauland is the perfect base for a holiday filled with delightful hikes in the beautiful surroundings. From here, you can take shorter day trips or longer excursions where you hike from cabin to cabin or carry your own tent and camp out on the mountain plateau.

3. Enjoy a relaxing day on Fagersand beach
Rauland’s newest attraction is one you might not expect to come across in the the highlands – a fantastic sandy beach. Here you’ll be able to enjoy a relaxing day of sunbathing interspersed with refreshing dips in Longvikvatn’s cool water – or perhaps try paddle boarding or canoeing over the mirror-like surface of the lake?


1. Lingonberry or blueberry picking in the highlands
In Norway, everyone has the right of public access, so you can pick as many berries as you wish. Fill your bags and tubs with blueberries and bake a delicious pie for dessert in the evening – or take lingonberries home with you to make jam to accompany your autumn and winter casseroles. You may even be lucky enough to come across the highly sought-after cloudberries – a coveted treat, even among the locals!

2. Try your luck at fishing
The area around Rauland boasts hundreds of small and large lakes, all ideal for a day spent with a fishing line in the water, and with a fishing permit you’ll get access to many different lakes and fishing spots. On some of the lakes, e.g. Uvatn and Oksatjøn, you can also hire boats and canoes, if you’d like to try your luck out on the water. Both lakes have good stocks of trout, with an average weight of around 500 g.

3. Mountain plateau cruise on Møsvatn
Enjoy one of Norway’s most beautiful mountain plateau cruises. Take MB Fjellvåken and experience Møsvatn mountain lake with lunch and a leisure walk included from Mogen Tourist Centre.


1. Ski holidays
Winter offers both alpine and cross-country skiing in Rauland, which is the largest ski resort in Telemark.

2. Haukeli Husky
Anyone who’s dreamt of a dog sled ride, ever since they saw “Nissebanden i Grønland” (Santa and the gang in Greenland) when they were young, should treat themselves to this experience. You’ll learn to drive your very own dog sled, and no one can resist the dogs’ energy and infectious enthusiasm as they dash across the snow-covered wilderness.

3. Snow kiting
Children and adults alike will be treated to a very special experience at Powerkites’ snow kiting courses, which take place in Vierli. The feeling of being pulled across the snow by a kite is fun and very exciting at the same time – almost like flying across the glistening landscape – and the climb to the top itself is much easier when you can let the kite do the hard work for you!