Top 5 children’s activities in Oslo

Text: Anne Bloksgaard Nielsen Published 15.02.2022

In Oslo, you have a wealth of fun and exciting activities for children and curious souls to choose from, whether you’re interested technology, animals, plants or pop music, or would rather run wild in adventure parks or other experiences, where you’ll feel those butterflies in your stomach and a smile on your face.

In this article, with inspiration from Visit Oslo, we present five fantastic children’s activities in Oslo.

Norwegian museum of Science & Technology

The Norwegian Museum of Science & Technology is often called Norway’s most entertaining museum for technology, industry, science and museum. Here the whole family can explore, play and learn, with over 100 interactive installations and more than 25 themed exhibitions. Learn about energy and space, perform experiments with the mysteries of physics or try out 3D printing and programming – whatever you decide to explore, you’ll definitely come away from the museum with fun and exciting new knowledge.

Natural History Museum

At the Natural History Museum, you can get up close to a Tyrannosaurus Rex and see the world’s oldest monkey skeleton – or explore all kinds of plants and animals in botanical gardens and the many zoological installations, where stuffed animals are presented in their natural habitats, such as a bird cliff or beaver dam. In the interactive Klimahus, you can learn about how the climate works, and the solutions available for the world’s climate challenges. Among other things, you’ll be able to feel what it’s like to stand in the middle of a virtual tropical storm!

Tusenfryd Amusement Park

At TusenFryd, the whole family can enjoy 30 different rides, the water park and a playland for the very young. You’re guaranteed to have so much fun, laughter, excitement and adrenalin – and there are also lots of great places to eat and shops to browse when you want a break from the rides and other amusements in the park.

Reptile Park

Since 2002, Oslo Reptile Park has welcomed countless enthusiastic, curious and sometimes slightly nervous adults and children from around the world. With over 50 different species, a visit to the reptile park is guaranteed to provide an enthralling experience for the whole family. Who dares challenge themselves with one of the big snakes – or something smaller such as a lizard or a tarantula?

Pop Centre

If you have any music lovers travelling with you to Oslo, a visit to the Pop Centre is a must. In this interactive museum and activity centre, you can experience Norwegian pop music in an entirely new way. Record your own song in the recording studio, or take a trip back in time through more than 100 years of musical history, which covers both the shifts in genre and the influence of technology that music has been through from 1904 until today.