Vrådal – a fantastic destination all year round

Text: Anne Bloksgaard Nielsen Published 09.02.2022

Vrådal is best known as a ski resort, but with its location in beautiful Telemark, the little town is an ideal destination all year round, whether you’re looking for a hiking holiday, cycling holiday, fishing holiday or family holiday with fun activities for all ages.

Vrådal is beautifully situated between Lake Vråvatn and Lake Nisser, both of which have a fascinating island landscape that was formed during the last ice age. This gives the area a completely unique character – and a varied range of experiences that ensure you’ll have an incredible holiday, whichever time of year you visit Vrådal.

In this article, we give you our votes for the three best activities in all four seasons.


  1. The early springtime months are still ski season in Vrådal, which often stretches until mid-April. But if you’re not interested in cross-country trails or alpine pistes, you can treat yourself to an indulgent spa experience at Straand Hotel – with fantastic views across the surrounding snow-clad mountains.
  2. Take a bike ride through the springtime forest with the local HUBRiding concept – where you can download organised routes to a GPS, so you’re guaranteed a fantastic ride with beautiful landscape and exciting cultural experiences along the way.
  3. From around mid-May, you can take an idyllic cruise on a historic tour boat on the Telemark canal. With a length of 105 km, 8 locks and various charming piers and small ports, the trip offers lots of fascinating experiences.


  1. Visit the unique golf course on Fossøy in Nisser. Here you’ll find 9 holes in stunning surroundings but remember to pack a few extra balls as there are many water hazards!
  2. Take a dip at the Straand Sommerland beach. Vrådal has a pleasant climate that offers a long swimming season.
  3. Cast out your fishing line and get a good catch in Nisser or Vråvatn. The local angling club sells fishing permits and is happy to provide tips on the best fishing spots.


  1. Go lingonberry or blueberry picking in the forests and mountains around Vrådal. In Norway, everyone has the right of public access, so you can pick as many berries as you wish.
  2. Go hiking in the autumnal forests, with their stunning array of colours.
  3. Take a lock cruise on the veteran boat M/S Fram, which sails from the Straand Hotel in Vrådal. The trip takes two hours and leads you through a beautiful inland archipelago with narrow sounds and idyllic small islands – and as the name suggests, you will also go through many of the area’s historic locks, which are still operated manually to this day.


  1. Of course, winter offers a wealth of skiing options at Vrådal Panorama Ski Centre – one of the favourite ski resorts for Danish families.
  2. Perhaps the body and mind need a day of profound stillness, unique nature – and still a hint of excitement? If so, pack your fishing rod and go on an ice fishing trip to one of the frozen lakes, Vråvatn or Nisser.
  3. Visit Santa’s loft next to Sølvsmedtunet in Vrådal – here it’s Christmas all year round, and if you write a Christmas card, they’ll make sure it’s sent in time for next Christmas.