Norefjell – the adventure mecca northwest of Oslo

Get up close to bears and elk, visit Norway's only adventure museum, and delve into the depths of the cobalt mines. You can experience all this, and much more, in Norefjell.

Do you want a holiday with first–class nature experiences, a visit to a real mine and a journey into the world of adventure? Then head for Norefjell in eastern Norway – here you can put together a holiday with the best of nature, culture and history!

Bear Park

In the Bear Park, you can experience some of the largest Nordic animals up close. Bears, lynxes, wolves and (calved) foxes roam here, and elk, reindeer and deer frolic alongside alpacas, sheep and goats. The bravest of the family can explore Crocodile Land and discover American alligators, Cuban crocodiles, python snakes and turtles.

Villa Fridheim

Villa Fridheim is Norway's largest and best–preserved wooden house in the elaborate Swiss style – and it's the country's only fairytale museum.
 The beautiful building itself is like something out of a fairytale, and inside the furniture and decor provide the perfect setting for your adventures among some of Norway's most exciting fairy tales and legends.

The blue dye works and the cobalt mines

The blue dye works and cobalt mines are one of Norway's most visited tourist attractions. The buildings are set in beautiful natural surroundings, but the most exciting experiences lure you underground. Here you can take a guided tour of the historic mines and experience first–hand what life as a miner was like. The tour takes an hour and a half, and if you dare, you can step out onto an underground glass floor or the newly opened 32–metre suspension bridge.


Right at Norefjell you will find Norway's longest veteran railway, Krøderbanen, with around26 km of track. The railway was opened in 1872, and the beautiful steam locomotive pulls the historic teak carriages through the beautiful East Norwegian countryside every Sunday during the summer. In addition, a number of theme days and special events will take place over the summer.

Mountain tours

Norefjell is a sought–after ski resort, and the area's mountain landscape also offers plenty of first–class nature experiences outside the winter season. The village of Krødsherad at the foot of Norefjell offers a wealth of beautiful hikes, and as a new feature you can "collect" mountain tops and earn prizes if you have visited a certain number of the twelve hikes included in the concept.

Don’t forget…

Norefjell is home to a wide range of historic buildings, from cosy artists' homes to the historic Eggedal Mill and the idyllic Veikåker farm and farm shop, where 700 organic chickens frolic among happy forest pigs, highland cattle and big beautiful horses.

Overnight with self–indulgence

In Norefjell, you can pamper yourself after the day's holiday adventures.

As a guest at Norefjell Ski & Spa, you have access to the hotel's facilities – from the exquisite restaurant to the many offers in the hotel's spa area (for a fee).

Your guide to a great holiday in Norefjell.

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