Cruise on the Telemark Canal

The Telemark Canal offers some of Norway's most fascinating scenery. Take a cruise on one of the historic cruise ships and experience the canal from a whole new angle.

With a length of 105 km, eight locks and several cosy breweries and small harbours, Telemark offers plenty of fascinating experiences.
When you stay in Rauland, you are only 45 minutes from Dalen, where the historic cruise ship M/S Henrik Ibsen docks.
 If you choose the day trip Dalen–Ulefoss–Dalen, you board right at the adventurous Dalen Hotel. Afterwards, you can look forward to seven pleasant and relaxing hours on the charming boat, sailing past unique cultural history, mountainous scenery and spectacular buildings.
Watch steep mountainsides tower above you and see the landscape change dramatically around you as you sail across vast lakes and through narrow passages. You'll also pass several of the area's impressive traditional locks, especially on the last leg of the tour.
When you get hungry, you can buy good food and drink on the Promenade deck, in the restaurant or in the café, so there's sure to be something for everyone.
The final stop of your cruise is Ulefoss, where you disembark. Afterwards, the bus will take you back to the car park in Dalen, giving you plenty of opportunity to enjoy the idyllic Telemark landscape from the country side.

Read more and see sailing times and prices on the Telemark Canal website.

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