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From Langesund ferry terminal – Oslo

Approximately three minutes from Langesund ferry terminal you will find Halen farm bus stop. From here you can take a bus, M1 – Langesund via Eikstrand, to the bus stop Porsgrunn Kammerherreløkka (map) for further correspondence by train. If you want further correspondence by bus, get off at Skjelsvik knutepunkt (map). The bus tour takes approx. 30 minutes.

For corresponding trains

Kammerherreløkka is located close to Porsgrunn train station. Here you can take the train, R11 towards Eidsvoll, to Oslo Central Station. The train ride takes approx. 2 hours.

For corresponding bus

At Skjelsvik knutepunkt you have to change buses. Here you take the bus, VY190 – Oslo, on to Oslo bus terminal. The bus tour takes approx. 2 hours.

From Oslo – Langesund ferry terminal

Express bus

From Oslo you can take the express bus, VY190 – Kristiansand center, to Skjelsvik hub. From Skjelsvik hub you can take the M1 bus, on to Halen gård bus stop.


From Oslo you can take the train, R11 – Skien, to Porsgrunn Station. Close to Porsgrunn train station is the Kammerherreløkka bus stop. From Kammerherreløkka bus stop you can take the bus, M1 – Langesund via Eikstrand, on to Halen farm. From here it is three minutes to walk to Langesund ferry terminal.

Do you want to see the route from Langesund ferry terminal to Oslo in google maps? Click here

Departure point: Kongshavn 8, 3970 Langesund (or Langesund fergeterminal)

Place of arrival: Oslo S

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