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Welcome to the new ‘My page’ New login on a new system

‘My page’ has been upgraded. It means safer login, improved interface and a range of new functions and options.

After the update, which we carried out in 2022, you can now easily make changes to your booking until the departure date. It means that if you need to change the name of the travellers or add information about the registration number on the vehicle, you can easily do this by following some easy steps. You can also add meals and other products to your booking.

If your account is connected to Google or Facebook, you can log in as usual. If it is not, you must follow some easy steps to gain access to the new ‘My page’.

If you have not logged in since before September 2021 (and do not use Google or Facebook to log in), you will have to register your email address again. If you have logged into ‘My page’ after September 2021, you only need to register your password.

  • Register your email address again.
  • Register your password.

On ‘My page’, you will find information about previous and future journeys, and an overview of your membership and your Fjord Club points.

You only need to register the first time you access ‘My page’, and once completed, it will be easier for you to manage and change your bookings.