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How to make your car trip fun! Keeping the kids amused!

Let’s say this once and for all... Children are a blessing; they’re funny and they enrich our lives. But they can also get fidgety and restless. What do you do when the kids are tired of their tablets and the car journey? Even though good advice doesn’t come cheap, here are a few free tips!

“Mum, are we there yet?” “Dad, I need a wee…!” “Mum… dad… I’m hungry”, “MUM! ARE WE THERE YET?”

You’ve only been in the car an hour and you still have another two hours’ drive to reach your destination. The little ones are tired of Peppa Pig and Shaun the Sheep and all the other cartoons you’ve downloaded onto their tablets. All parents of small children will recognise this scenario.

So you need some very good diversion activities to keep them occupied; small games that they can play in the car once the journey gets boring, that will soon cheer them up!

Here are five simple car games you and your kids can play:

1. Car bingo

Car Bingo requires a little preparation prior to your journey. You can either buy a Car Bingo card or make one yourself. Everyone gets a card with things that they have to keep an eye out for on the journey, for example, a green car, a church, a train or a bus. The first one with crosses in all squares wins. And of course, the driver isn’t allowed to play!

2. Counting cars

This game doesn’t require any preparation. Each child chooses a colour, then they must keep an eye on the traffic and spot five or ten cars in their chosen colour. The first one to spot the agreed number of cars in their colour wins.

3. Quiz

This is also very easy. You can either make the quiz yourself or buy one of the many books with questions to suit all ages.

Test each other’s knowledge, award points for correct answers and crown a winner. It’s fun and educational!

How to make your car trip fun! Photo: Imgorthand / GettyImages.
How to make your car trip fun! Photo: Imgorthand / GettyImages.

4. Guess the animal

One of you begins by thinking of an animal. Then everyone asks questions to guess the animal the first person was thinking of. Does it eat grass? Does it have wings? Is it a small animal? Is it a household pet? You can only answer yes or no until someone guesses the animal.

You can also do it by describing an animal and the others have to guess which animal it is.

5. Yes/No game

Everyone knows this one. The game is as simple as it is difficult. Because no matter how hard you try to answer other than yes or no to the questions being asked, at some point you will be caught out.

If you answer yes or no, you’re out. Then it’s the next person’s turn.
The possibilities are endless, it’s just a question of using your imagination. And before both you and the kids know it, the journey is over and you’ve arrived.

Bon voyage!