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Important travel information

Travelers to Norway

Foreign nationals arriving in Norway from a region subject to a quarantine obligation must, with certain exceptions, present a certificate confirming that they have had a coronavirus test with a negative result. The certificate must have been issued within the past 72 hours in order for you to enter Norway.

  • All visitors arriving in Norway from countries and regions with a high or very high infection rate (“red” or “grey” countries) must go into quarantine for 10 days.
  • Anyone arriving in Norway must stay at a quarantine hotel during the quarantine period.
  • Information about quarantine hotels is distributed by the police at border crossings and other arrival points in Norway.
  • The following visitors must not stay at a quarantine hotel:
    • Persons who are resident in or own a residential property in Norway
    • Business travellers whose employer or client arranges suitable accommodation in a single room, asylum-seekers and resettled refugees.
  • Persons arriving in Norway must travel directly to their place of quarantine, and put on a mask immediately prior to arrival at their quarantine accommodation.

Read more in the authorities’ letter (PDF):

Travelers to Denmark

Former travel restrictions for traveling to North of Jutland is lifted as of the 20th of November.
Persons resident in the regions of Norway, Schleswig-Holstein, Scania, Halland or Blekinge can enter Denmark regardless of the purpose of their entry. If your region does not comply with the criteria for being open, you must have a worthy purpose of entering. Otherwise, you must present a negative COVID-19 test upon entry. See updated info at coronasmitte.dk.
The rules do not apply to freight transporters.

Face mask

Danish authorities have decided that all passengers from 12 years and above, shall use face mask while using public transportation. This implies also for ferries that travels through danish ports and ports outside, including Norway. Fjord Line is therefor under this regulation, as we operate through danish waters and have a terminal in Denmark.

We encourage our passengers to wear your face mask during the whole journey, in situations and on places where there are crowded.

More information on wearing a face mask when travelling with Fjord Line can be found HERE.

Actions taken onboard

When you enter our ship, you will immediately notice that we have done numerous actions to limit the spread of covid-19. We have placed stations with antibac, protective glass between employees and customers, positioned our buffet, adapted our opening hours of serving alcohol and plastic gloves for our guests are just some of our actions against covid-19.

For more information on what actions we are taking onboard our ship and at check-in, read more HERE.

Test on arrival

It is both possible and desirable for passengers coming to Norway to be tested. Tests can be performed at Kristiansand municipality’s test center at Kløvertun. Appointments for the corona test at Kløvertun are made here. If you arrive in Norway via Risavika harbor, you call the municipality’s corona telephone 51 91 40 30 to make an appointment. If you have traveled in the red zone, you do not need a referral from your GP.