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Important information For foot passengers

Here, you can learn more about where and how to board the ship when travelling with MS Bergensfjord og MS Stavangerfjord fra Kristiansand til Hirtshals. Please be attentive, listen carefully, and follow the staff's instructions when boarding the ship. Together, we ensure a smooth experience.

MS Bergensfjord og MS Stavangerfjord

From Kristiansand to Hirtshals

When boarding one of our cruise ships in Kristiansand as a foot passenger, start by checking in according to the instructions in the terminal. Afterward, you’ll receive your boarding pass. Then, you may proceed to the sluice/boarding tunnel and head towards the ship, following the directions and descending the stairs. From here, cross the car deck and enter the ship, where you can ascend using the stairs or the elevator.

If you require mobility assistance, kindly wait for instructions from our staff before proceeding to the minibus, which will take you to the car deck. Here, you can board via the elevator. Should you need assistance at any point of your journey, our staff will be available for you. Upon arriving in Hirtshals, you’ll disembark the ship via the gangway as usual. Upon disembarking, do not forget to scan your boarding card on the machines to check out.

Complimentary luggage storage

Keep your luggage secure during the crossing

Just beside the reception on deck 7, you’ll find a spacious luggage storage area where you can place your luggage during the crossing if you haven’t booked a cabin. The baggage storage compartment is available for all guests completely free of charge. It opens 10 minutes after departure and 10 minutes before arrival, allowing you to conveniently store and retrieve your luggage. This means that as a foot passenger, you can enjoy the crossing without lugging around your bags. Simple and convenient – you have every reason to be excited!

Take the easy road

Opting for public transport

We encourage our guests to leave their cars behind and take the bus instead. A more cost-effective and environmentally friendly choice. Explore our bus offers here: buss-hirtshals

Foto: Fjord Line

Good to know

How much luggage?

As a foot passenger, you can’t bring more luggage than you can carry in one go.