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Danish authorities have decided that all passengers from 12 years and above, shall use face mask while using public transportation. This implies also for ferries that travels through danish ports and ports outside, including Norway. Fjord Line is therefor under this regulation, as we operate through danish waters and have a terminal in Denmark.

From before, Fjord Line, has imposed all the staff from Fjord Line that are in contact with our passengers to wear a face mask at all times. The new regulations from the danish authorities, means that this is now required for our passengers as well. Even if danish law only have a regulation for danish waters and on danish soil, we want to emphasize that we, Fjord Line, impose all our passengers to use face maks when travelling with Fjord Line. The face mask should be used on check-in, and at the latest before entering the ship. Everyone must use face mask inside the terminal in Hirtshals.

We encourage everyone to take with them their own face masks, but it is possible to purchase face masks at check-in or in car stands.

There are a few exceptions of the use of face mask when travelling with Fjord Line:

  • When consuming food and beverages (we encourage the shortest amount of time as possible)
  • In your own vehicle

If you are in need of purchasing face masks on check-in or at our car stands it costs 6 DKK or 9 NOK.

We would like to remind you that it is required to show a valid ID when entering Denmark. Read more on what regulations and information in regards to inn- and outgoing travels to Denmark.