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Information for passengers arriving with Fjord Line, regarding the opportunity of a free covid-19 test.

We encourage all travellers to test for Covid-19 virus upon arrival in Langesund, Bergen and Stavanger. This is encouraged and recommended by Norwegian Government and local authorities.

It is important that anyone who suspects they are infected with the virus, or has flu like symptoms, or fever, use this opportunity to get tested.

Corona testing is free and optional, and the answer will be available within three days.

To be tested, you have to fill out a registration sheet presented to you on board. Registration sheet has to be filled out accurately, with block letters.

Local authorities will test on the quay while you are sitting in your car. Follow the signs and guidance provided by guards.

The testing process is quick, although you will have to reckon to wait in line for testing.

Norwegian citizens are required to log into Helsenorge.no. , to receive their test results. Foreign citizens will receive a call with their results.


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