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Preventing the spread of COVID-19

In Fjord Line Safety always comes first. This has always been the principal in Fjord Line, but the spread of COVID-19 has given this principal an extra dimension.

In early August, the Norwegian government decided to temporarily tighten the rules for cruise traffic in order to limit the spread of COVID-19. This means that ships with more than 100 passengers on board will not be approved for landfall in Norwegian ports. However, we would like to emphasize that Fjord Line is NOT covered by this imposition, as the definition of Fjord Line’s business falls under the sector for “ferry and transport” and not under the sector for “cruise”.

IMPORTANT: In Fjord Line we encourage our passengers to always stay up-to-date on updates from the authorities. For Norwegian authorities click here, for Danish authorities click here

On board the ferries

Plenty of space and fresh air

The ferries have an advantage when it comes to preventing the spread of infection, namely that we have plenty of space at our disposal and access to a sea of fresh air. Quite literally! In addition, our gas ferries MS Bergensfjord and MS Stavangerfjord have a capacity of 1500 passengers. To continue ensuring the safety of our passengers, we have reduced the capacity to less than 1000 passengers. This way, we furthermore comply with the requirements for distance off the health authorities.

At MS Oslofjord, which sails between Sandefjord and Strømstad, we have taken the same initiative. Under normal circumstances, the ferry can carry 1350 passengers. To ensure the safety of our passengers we have reduced the capacity to less than 900 passengers.

At HSC Fjord Cat the capacity is around 700 passengers. To ensure the safety of our passengers we have reduced the capacity to less than 300 passengers.

Terminals, check-in and reception

Upon check in, you will notice that protective glass is fitted in the terminal. Markings to keep distance has been placed thoroughly both in terminals and around the ship. Reminders and information are in place to keep our passengers well-informed of the rules applied at all times. You will also notice that the staff, who are close contact with the guests, will wear face masks. Our passengers are not required to wear face masks, but we generally recommend guests to do so. We have face masks for sale both at check-in and on board at the reception.

From 22.08.2020, Danish authorities have decided that all passengers from 12 years and above, shall use face mask while using public transportation. This implies also for ferries that travels through danish ports and ports outside, including Norway. Fjord Line is therefor under this regulation, as we operate through danish waters and have a terminal in Denmark.

We encourage everyone to take with them their own face masks, but it is possible to purchase face masks at check-in or in car stands.

There are a few exceptions of the use of face mask when travelling with Fjord Line:

  • When consuming food and beverages (we encourage the shortest amount of time as possible)
  • In your own vehicle

If you are in need of purchasing face masks on check-in or at our car stands it costs 6 DKK or 9 NOK.

We would like to remind you that it is required to show a valid ID when entering Denmark. Read more on what regulations and information in regards to inn- and outgoing travels to Denmark.

There are numerous stands with hand disinfection on board, and plexiglass protection is fitted where necessary. Photo: Fjord Line

Opportunity of free covid-19 test

Information for passengers arriving with Fjordline, regarding the opportunity of a free covid-19 test upon arrival in Langesund. Read more here.

Cafeteria, restaurant, bar and lounge

All restaurants on board are open as usual. But in order for us to comply with the requirements of the health authorities, we have made some adjustments. You will therefore, among other things, notice a high number of stations for hand hygiene, use plastic gloves and face masks, disposable items, etc.

Enjoy a good dinner in Restaurant Grieg. Photo: Fjord Line


Duty-free shop

We have set up protective glass and provide thorough markings for keeping distance. You will also see reminders to keep you informed of the rules in our duty-free shop. Our employees in the tax-free shop also wear face masks.

There is a limited number of passengers, who can visit the tax-free shop at the time. The photo was taken before our staff was introduced to face masks. Photo: Fjord Line


Day Cabins

If you do not want to be exposed to other passengers, you can book a day cabin on our day cruises. That way, one can travel more secluded.


There will continue to be entertainment on board, but we have swapped our band for a duo. Of course, the entertainment should still be cozy and relaxing and spreading a nice atmosphere, but we do not encourage partying and dancing. We have also made a new entertainment program for children, which is adapted for smaller groups.

Furthermore, we have dedicated COVID-19-guards on board, who will make sure that rules and regulations are followed.

Everyone must do their part

To succeed in our fight against COVID-19, it is important that everyone takes responsibility. We have the main responsibility on board, but cannot succeed without your participation and help.

Our responsibilities

  • Ensure that the crew has the necessary knowledge about infection control.
  • Monitor strict compliance with the relevant regulations and guidelines at all times.
  • Guarantee that disinfectants are always available.
  • Make sure that you, our passenger, has the information you need for the duration of your journey.
  • Keep the ship clean and disinfect all exposed surfaces.
  • Wear face masks when in close contact with passengers.

Your responsibilities

  • Allow sufficient time to board to prevent queues and stressful situations that result in a disregard for infection control measures.
  • Check whether you have any symptoms of infection before you board the ferry.
  • Follow all infection control rules and guidelines.
  • Wear face masks (Face coverings is optional, but still encouraged)

Our joint responsibilities

  • Respect the distance rules
  • Stay home if any symptoms of infection occur.
  • Wash hands frequently
  • Cough or sneeze into your sleeve
  • Follow rules and regulations
  • Show patience and understanding