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My Care ™ certification

A visible proof that Fjord Line has safety and infection control at the top of the agenda is our My Care ™ certification, which is issued by DNV GL, which is one of the world’s leading risk and classification companies. The certification means that all our routines at check-in, on board the ships and at disembarkation, have been carefully inspected and assessed as being very good. It should (perhaps) not be necessary, but the My Care ™ certification is nonetheless something that we are pretty proud of having obtained. Ensuring the quality of our safety and infection policies on board will continue being most important to us in times to come. As a guest, you can be absolutely sure of that.

DNV GL has analyzed and checked all of the points below in order to be able to certify Fjord Line’s ships and terminals with My Care ™.

On board the ferries

In the autumn of 2020, we will only sail with one ship, MS Bergensfjord, between Hirtshals and Kristiansand and twice a week also from Hirtshals to Stavanger. We sail with a very reduced number of passengers, so that requirements for distance between passengers can easily be met. The low number of passengers also entails a number of restrictions in our offer on board, e.g. that our buffet restaurant will be closed and that no entertainment is offered to the guests on board. However, there are still many opportunities to enjoy food and drink on board and our tax-free shop will also be open.

On board you will also experience a number of infection control measures; plexiglass, disinfection stations, markings, etc. We also frequently disinfect all exposed surfaces.

Read about opening hours and restrictions on board

Terminals, check-in and reception

Upon check in, you will notice that protective glass is fitted in the terminal. Markings to keep distance has been placed thoroughly both in terminals and around the ship. Reminders and information are in place to keep our passengers well-informed of the rules applied at all times.

Danish authorities have decided that all passengers from 12 years and above, shall use face mask while using public transportation. This implies also for ferries that travels through danish ports and ports outside, including Norway. Fjord Line is therefor under this regulation, as we operate through danish waters and have a terminal in Denmark. Although Danish legislation only regulates conditions in Danish waters and on Danish soil, we strongly encourage you to wear a face mast during the ENTIRE crossing – even when we sail into Norwegian waters.

We encourage everyone to take with them their own face masks, but it is possible to purchase face masks at check-in or in car stands.

We would like to remind you that it is required to show a valid ID when entering Denmark. Read more on what regulations and information in regards to inn- and outgoing travels to Denmark.


Everyone must do their part

To succeed in our fight against COVID-19, it is important that everyone takes responsibility. We have the main responsibility on board, but cannot succeed without your participation and help.

Our responsibilities

  • Ensure that the crew has the necessary knowledge about infection control.
  • Monitor strict compliance with the relevant regulations and guidelines at all times.
  • Guarantee that disinfectants are always available.
  • Make sure that you, our passenger, has the information you need for the duration of your journey.
  • Keep the ship clean and disinfect all exposed surfaces.
  • Wear face masks when in close contact with passengers.

Your responsibilities

  • Allow sufficient time to board to prevent queues and stressful situations that result in a disregard for infection control measures.
  • Check whether you have any symptoms of infection before you board the ferry.
  • Follow all infection control rules and guidelines.
  • Wear face masks (Face coverings is optional, but still encouraged)

Our joint responsibilities

  • Respect the distance rules
  • Stay home if any symptoms of infection occur.
  • Wash hands frequently
  • Cough or sneeze into your sleeve
  • Follow rules and regulations
  • Show patience and understanding

Travel quarantine

We point out that everyone who travels with our ships must be quarantined for 10 days on arrival at a Norwegian port. These restrictions also apply to domestic travellers between Stavanger and Bergen. However, due to our current situation, we will not offer domestic travel until after the New Year. However, the rules often change. Here you will always find updated information.

Opportunity of free covid-19 test

It is possible to be tested on arrival upon arrival in Norway, and we would like to encourage you to accept this offer. Upon arrival in Kristiansand, the test is performed at Kristiansand municipality’s test center at Kløvertun. You can book time for corona text here. If you arrive in Norway via Risavika harbor, you must call the municipality’s corona phone 51 91 40 30 and make an appointment for a test. If you have traveled in a red zone, you do not need a referral from the doctor.