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In the event of suspicion that guests or staff onboard our vessels could be infected by the corona virus ( COVID- 19), we have implemented the following routines

  • The individual in question is to be led to a secluded area of the ship. The ships designated health team will conduct this wearing suitable protective gear.
  • The designated health team will conduct a preliminary conversation with the individual to assess the situation and map out the individual’s movements onboard and who they may have been in contact with.
  • No treatment is to be given except administration of antipyretics.
  • The individual is to be escorted of the ship at the nearest port and brought to a designated quarantine room at the terminals where this is offered, awaiting medical transport. In ports where quarantine rooms are not available the individual is to be escorted directly to the designated medical transport.
  • All of the above to be coordinated with the local health authorities at the port of arrival.
  • The ship then initiates its internal procedures for cleaning and disinfection of the areas that the individual has been in contact or stayed in.