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Food and drink on board

HSC Fjord Cat offers varied and delicious high quality food. You can choose between our buffet restaurant and our café.

Café Nautilus

Café Nautilus on deck 2 offers everything from sandwiches, salads and sweet temptations, to coffee, tea, sausages, beer, wine and mineral water. Here you will also find various souvenirs, sweets, newspapers and a selection of different snacks.

Fjord Lounge

At the bow of the ship on deck 7, boasting a gorgeous view, you'll find Fjord Lounge - the ship's popular lounge area. This is where our artists and entertainers perform to keep you and your travel companions amused.

Fjord Lounge also has a large, classic bar where our bartenders will do their best to impress you with whatever drink you request. You're guaranteed to find something here to get your taste buds going. 

Pier 42

For many people, a visit to the bar goes hand in hand with relaxing holiday moments. Our sports bar, Pier 42 on deck 7 offers snacks, drinks of every kind, sports on a big screen TV and a great atmosphere.

Opening hours

Opening hours

  • From Bergen and Stavanger to Hirtshals

    • 13:30–02:00
  • From Hirtshals to Stavanger and Bergen

    • 20:00–02:00
  • From Hirtshals to Langesund

  • From Langesund to Hirtshals

    • 13:00–02:00

Commander Buffet

If you like trying a bit of everything and have a good appetite, set your course for our big favourite; the Commander Buffet. The restaurant is located on deck 3 and offers spectacular views. Here you'll find everything you could and should expect from a first-class buffet.

Naturally, the buffet restaurant changes its menu throughout the day, so you'll be served a fresh breakfast, a proper lunch and a broad choice of main evening meals. The selection varies depending on the departure, season and weekly theme, but you're always guaranteed an impressive and tasty spread.

Table bookings are valid until the restaurant closes 30 minutes before arrival. The Commander Buffet can seat around 180 guests. 

Please note that for journeys during the periods 01.01.20–18.06.20 and 10.08.20–05.11.20 you get a 20% discount on selected meals when you book a buffet together with the journey online.

Prices and opening hours
Prices in EUR (01/01/20–05/11/20)
Adults (from 16 years)
Children 4–15 years
Children 0–3 years
Opening hours
From Strömstad to Sandefjord
From Sandefjord to Strömstad

Buffet Navigator

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, the usual buffet operation is closed. In the same premises, we now offer pre-booked solutions in the form of Breakfast Packages in the morning and Meal of the Day for lunch and dinner.


A brand new café has opened on deck 3. You can buy bread rolls, sandwiches, beverages, etc. at the rear of the ship.

On 22 June, the café was further upgraded. It has now become part of the major Starbuck’s “We Proudly Serve Starbucks™” concept. This means that you’ll be able to buy delicious Starbucks coffee on board, as well as several Starbuck’s products like cake and biscuits.