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On-board entertainment

Slot machines, tax-free shopping, a trip to the bar or a walk on deck to take in the view. They all add up to a pretty entertaining crossing for adults, and on board MS Oslofjord you'll have trouble getting bored.

For many travellers, the slot machines are a compulsory part of the journey between Strömstad and Sandefjord. On deck 6 you’ll find a wide selection of slot machines, as well as our own casino tables for those who might prefer a more socially interactive game.

At Fjord of Coffee, MS Oslofjord’s large lounge area, there is an ample bar with an impressive stage hosting a talented range of artists who are ready to provide a little extra entertainment on the journey.

With us, no one should worry about being bored on board. Fortunately, there’s no danger of that, as we’ve even created a dedicated playroom for the children. A fun and colourful world lies behind these four walls, and the hours will just fly by. Read more about our entertainment for children here.


Fairway is one of the newest groups to perform in Fjord Lounge. This is a young, energetic band that delights music lovers regardless of age.

There’s a real buzz about their material, while they also manage to stamp their own mark on the old hits. Of course, they also serve up some gems from the current music scene.

Eline Noelia Myreng – vocals
Jonas Nystuen – guitar and vocals
Alexander Bøe – bass and vocals
Theodor Fjalsett – drums


Soundwave is a group whose music is of an other-worldly quality. The four members of the band all have very different musical backgrounds, but their enthusiasm for performing and engaging the audience hits all the right notes. As they say: No performance without an audience.

They are exciting performers with an extremely varied repertoire and the quality of their music is superb.

Guro Marstad – vocals
Nicklas Myhre – guitar, vocals
Bjørnar Bjørnstad – bass, vocals
Maria Storaas – drums, vocals


The talented artists in Waterproof turn every concert into a musical energy bomb.

This fabulous quartet performs with energy and enthusiasm. Regardless of the genre or occasion, they give it their all. Each and every time!

Waterproof is made up of Jørn Trollebø Kvalheim (guitar and vocals), Susanne Klerud (vocals), Søren Hunskaar (bass and vocals) and Estéban Munoz (drums).