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Welcome on board Fjord FSTR

Our new catamaran between Kristiansand and Hirtshals is well equipped with the latest and greatest within maritim technology. The ship will carry you over in just under 2 hours and 15 minutes.

In 2018 Fjord Line decided to invest in a new ship to replace HSC Fjord Cat that travels between Kristiansand and Hirtshals. The result, Fjord FSTR. Fjord FSTR will be the fastest alternative on sea between Norway and Denmark. Fjord FSTR is a hypermodern and a high technological ship. The travel time will be 2 hours and 15 minutes. The ship was going to be launched the summer of 2020, due to the covid-19 pandemic the delivery was postponed.

The ship will satisfy all of the criterias you would expect from a modern ship, you will locate several dinging and eating opportunities, a modernized lounge and different seating options for the travel.

With Fjord FSTR the capacity has been doubled between Kristiansand – Hirtshals. Counting 1200 passenger and more than 400 vehicles. Not only have we doubled the capacity, we have also expanding our offering for cargo on the route. Not only that, we have also installed several charging stations for electric vehicles so you can charge your vehicle when travelling between Kristiansand and Hirtshals.


With inspiration from lounge concepts in the aviation business, we are offering a modernized lounge concept. In this separated area you can provide yourself with food made out of quality food during your travel. Your seat will be reserved to you during the whole travel. When booking the ticket, you will be able to choose where you want to sit before booking the ticket.

In lounge we will adapt the food to the time of travel and season with several small dishes, snacks and sweats that will be available to you during the whole travel.


Onboard the new catamaran we also have a cafe, her we offer a rich choice of coffee variants from Starbucks. And with a vast option of pastry we are sure that you will enjoy the experience.

In the cafe you will be able to purchase breakfast packages, simple vegetarian products and beverages, different kinds of nuts and snacks


Bistro is a dining place for you that wants to eat a solid good meal while you enjoy the view of traveling on the sea. Depending on the time of your travel, you will be served breakfast, lunch or dinner. Here you will find both hot and cold food that should cover everyone.

Our Bistro is a place for our passengers to visit when you wish to arrive in Denmark with fully charged batteries before you travel further in towards Danish roads.

New and double the size of our duty-free shop

Fjord FSTR will be bigger and better than its predecessor in every way possible. This is also for our duty-free shop. With a floor of 250 m2, the duty free shop has doubled its size. With Fjord FSTR we are also now stepping up our game with selling food, both frozen and fresh.

Facts about Fjord FSTR

Launched: 07. february 2020
Length: 110 meters
Width: 31 meters
Marching speed: 37 knot
Capacity: 410 vehicles and 1200 passengers
Gross tonn: 11888
Time for crossing: 2 hours and 15 minutes