Foto: Visitflåm / Sverre Hjørnevik
Flåm – The pearl on the shores of Aurlandsfjorden

Flåm – The pearl on the shores of Aurlandsfjorden

"Northeast of Bergen you will find the natural gem Flåm, a small village on the shores of the Aurlandsfjord. Here you can explore the unique nature with hikes and bike rides in the mountains and along the deep blue fjords and take a historical time travel in a (almost) real Viking village. "

Are you ready to experience the wildest and most magnificent fjord landscape in Norway? On the Aurlandsfjord, the small village gem of Flåm is the perfect base for a summer of dramatic fjord walks, hikes and bike rides with views of steep, snow–capped mountains, wild waterfalls and vibrant cultural landscapes.

The Flåm Railway – The World's Most Beautiful Railway

The impressive railway winds along the steep mountain sides on its way from Flåm to Myrdal and has an ascent of 866 metres on the just 20 km long trip. Sit back and enjoy views of mountains, valleys, rivers, quaint villages and idyllic farmhouses that will take the breath away of most people! It's not without reason that the Flåm Railway has been proclaimed "The World's Most Beautiful Train Journey" by Lonely Planet Traveller.


One of the highlights of the trip is Kjosfossen. The mighty waterfall has a drop of 93 metres and is only accessible by train. In summer, you can see actresses dancing and singing in costumes about "huldrer" – beautiful female mythological creatures who were known to lure young men up into the mountains.

Ready for some ADRENALIN – bike or zipline?

If you want to get even closer to Norwegian nature, rent a mountain bike and ride all the way from Myrdal to Flåm again on the historic Rallarvegen – a fantastic ride past steep mountains, green valleys, vertical waterfalls and rushing rivers – and through 21 sharp hairpin bends. You can also choose to get off the River Railway at Vatnahalsen Station and take a ride down Scandinavia's longest zipline. It will definitely give you chills and sweat on your brow!! Length: 1381 metres. Top speed: approx. 100 km/h.

Scenic fjord cruise

Flåm lies on the shores of the Aurlandsfjord, and just around the corner lies one of Norway's most spectacular fjords: Nærøyfjorden, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Hop aboard a fjord cruise and have the experience of a lifetime as you sail through the unique, narrow fjord (in fact, the Nærøyfjorden is just 250 metres wide at its narrowest point) surrounded by snow–capped mountain peaks with an altitude of up to 1800 metres.

Viking adventure in Njadarheimr

Just 20 km from Flåm, a unique journey through time awaits you. In the "Viking valley" Njardarheimr you can experience an authentic Viking village, which shows how the Vikings lived 1000 years ago. The inhabitants live like real Vikings and show off their crafts and cooking skills while telling about life as Vikings. Of course, you can also try your hand at lots of exciting activities, from axe throwing and archery to historical crafts at the blacksmith or seamstress.

Stegastein viewpoint

650 metres above the Aurlandsfjord, the area's most spectacular viewpoint, Stegastein, awaits. The easiest way to get there is on a guided sightseeing tour: the bus departs from Flåm and takes you safely through the road's hairpin bend to the unique viewing platform that extends 30 metres out from the mountainside. Here you have a unique panoramic view of the green mountains with snow on top and the beautiful fjord down below you.

Your guide to a great holiday in Flåm

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