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Hardangerfjord - holiday on one of the longest fjords in the world

Hardangerfjord - holiday on one of the longest fjords in the world

Are you looking for a holiday with access to some of Norway's most impressive landscapes? In which case, spend your holiday this year at the Hardangerfjord Hotel in the small village of Øystese on Hardangerfjord.

Just 83 km east of Bergen lies the gorgeous little municipality of Øystese. Here you are surrounded by the best that Fjord Norway has to offer, from unspoilt landscapes to some of Norway's most fertile agricultural areas, not to mention a range of attractions and activities for young and old.


Hardangerfjord is the third longest fjord in the world and the second longest in Norway. The fjord and surrounding landscape can be explored in a variety of ways. It's worth taking a guided tour by water and on land. This will take you past idyllic farms, pleasant orchards and mountain peaks with fantastic views of fjord landscapes, glaciers, mountains and deep valleys. The local guides will also take you to areas that are not normally discovered by the big travel agencies, and here you will get a very special insight into life along this impressive fjord over several generations.


If your holiday wish list includes a trip to one of Norway's special viewpoints, the Trolltunga rock formation should be on your list of destinations. The rocky outcrop is about three hours' drive south-east of Øystese, between Hardangerfjord and Hardangervidda National Park, and the drive there is a magnificent and intense natural experience in itself. The rock formation, which extends horizontally from the mountain some 700 metres above Lake Ringedalsvatnet, is one of the most spectacular — and most photographed — rock formations in Norway. The hike there is long and relatively strenuous, but the feeling when you finally stand on the "Troll Tongue" and look out over the beautiful mountain landscape cannot be described in words!

Hardangervidda National Park

On the other side of Hardangerfjord, a veritable cornucopia of nature experiences awaits you. Here, in Norway's largest national park, the only limit on your potential experiences is your own imagination. The area offers mile after mile of marked hiking and cycling trails, exquisite climbing areas, lakes and rivers for fishing, and hundreds of Stone Age settlements, as well as being home to some of the world's largest herds of wild reindeer and numerous Arctic plant and animal species.

One of the most fertile areas in Norway

The areas around Hardangerfjord are some of the most fertile agricultural land in Norway, and orchards in particular thrive in this region. The apple harvest here is world-class, and one of the local specialities is cider, which many refer to as "Nordic champagne". Visit one of the local cider farms and taste for yourself. You can even take a special cruise on the "Cider Boat", which will take you past several different cider breweries.

Don't forget...

When you are in Øystese, you should visit an absolute sightseeing highlight that is just a 10 km drive from the hotel. Steinsdalsfossen is one of Norway's most popular waterfalls, not least because it is possible to walk behind this impressive 50-metre waterfall without getting wet!

Tip: An environmentally friendly destination

If you prefer to travel without a car, you can reach Øystese by bus from Bergen - depending on the route and departure time, it only takes 1.5 to 2 hours.

Overnight stay in the midst of beautiful scenery

When you travel to the Hardangerfjord with Fjord Line, you stay at the Hardangerfjord Hotel in either a double room or a family room - so you live with the spectacular fjord right on your doorstep.

Your guide to a fantastic holiday on the Hardangerfjord

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