Bergen – the gateway to the fjords

Bergen – the gateway to the fjords

Bergen in Fjord Norway is the perfect destination for an outdoor adventure, city break or family vacation. Norway’s second-largest city offers a unique combination of beautiful fjord and mountain scenery, rich cultural life, world-class restaurants and exciting historical experiences. And best of all: Fjord Line takes you straight there from Denmark!

Our Top-3 of things not to be missed on your outdoor adventure to Bergen:

The weather in Bergen

Perhaps you’ve heard that it rains a lot in Bergen – and there is no way we can deny that. But the sun also comes out and makes the charming city even more beautiful, and in fact, the temperatures can reach 25 degrees C on hot summer days.

And don’t worry – even if it rains on one of your days in Bergen, the city has plenty of wonderful indoor activities for visitors of all ages!

Sail with us to Bergen from Denmark

If you’re planning on visiting Bergen – with or without a car or motorhome – the easiest and most direct way is to sail with us from Hirtshals in North Denmark. You can reach Hirtshals by freeway from most of Europe – and even by train and bus, as the town is only an hour’s bus ride from Aalborg which is connected to the European rail network.

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Top 5 outings from Bergen

Bergen in itself of course has a lot to offer as a holiday destination – but now that you’re visiting this Norwegian gem, we recommend at least one day trip or overnight stay in some of the incredible natural areas in the region. And if you haven’t brought your car along, many are reachable by train or bus, too!

  1. Voss – a small village that offers incredible nature experiences, including a beautiful gondola ride to the top of the Hangurstoppen mountain. Distance: 120 km. Driving time: 2 hours.
  2. Geiranger/Geirangerfjord - some of Norway’s most beautiful scenery with the UNESCO World Heritage Site fjord and surrounding mountains. Distance: 370 km. Driving time: 6h 30 mins.
  3. Folgefonna National Park - an incredible national park whose heart is the magnificent Folgefonna Glacier. Distance: 115 km. Driving time: 2h 45 mins.
  4. Vøringsfossen – one of the most famous waterfalls in Norway with a height of 182 metres. Distance: 175 km. Driving time: 2h 45 mins.
  5. Trolltunga – an extraordinary cliff formation aptly named ‘the troll’s tongue’, and a popular hiking destination. Distance: 160 km. Driving time: 3h 30 mins.

Bergen – living history and culture

Bergen's main attractions stem from the city's exciting and colourful history. For several centuries, the city was one of the Hanseatic League's power centres, and it has also been an important seat for the royals throughout history, as well as home to many of Norway’s great artists. Among the highlights are:

  • The Bryggen district that looks today exactly as it did in the Middle Ages – and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site for a reason. It's an experience not to be missed while you're in Bergen.
  • The royal residence and banqueting hall Håkonshallen (built 1247–1261)
  • The Rosenkrantz Tower (parts of which date back to the 1270s)
  • The open–air Old Bergen Museum – a miniature version of a historic town with workshops, schools, shops and private homes, all equipped with artefacts and clothing from their period.
  • KODE – an association of four art museums and three composers’ homes, including the home of Edvard Grieg

Things to do with children in Bergen

Bergen also offers a wealth of exciting experiences for children – here’s our Top-3 of fun and intriguing attractions for the entire family:

  • Bergen Aquarium - Aquarium, where you can explore penguins, seals, crocodiles and a host of fish and other creatures from the depths of the sea
  • VILVITE adventure centre, which offers an exciting world of almost 100 different experiments for teenagers.
  • Vestkanten Water Park, where you’ll find lots of fun for young and old water lovers, including Norway’s longest water slide and a relaxing spa area.

Where to stay in Bergen

When choosing what kind of accommodation to choose on your trip to Bergen, all options are open to you. The city offers everything from campsites and holiday houses in the city or the surrounding area to hotels of all sizes and standards.

When you travel to Bergen with Fjord Line, you can take advantage of our package deals and book excellent accommodation at the Thon Hotel Rosenkrantz or Thon Hotel Orion.

Your guide to an unforgettable holiday in Bergen

Bergen is a perfect destination for your next Norwegian experience – here’s lots of fun activities for children, a cornucopia of historical and cultural experiences to enjoy with the one you love, and some of the world’s most beautiful nature within easy driving distance. This is where memories are made!

Read more about what to do and where to stay in Bergen below – and find inspiration for your Bergen adventure in our travel articles about the area.