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Bryggen and Fisketorget – Historic Bergen

Bryggen and Fisketorget – Historic Bergen

Experience Bergen's historic district, Bryggen, and visit the famous Fisketorget market.

Bergen has played a key role in Norwegian and European trade history for centuries. Fortunately, much of this history is preserved in Bergen's historic districts, where you can get a unique, vivid picture of how people lived and worked hundreds of years ago.


Bergen's main attraction is, of course, its exciting and colourful history. For several centuries, the city was one of the Hanseatic League's power centres, and the Bryggen district today bears witness to the commercial life this generated in the city.

Exploring the old wooden houses is a great experience. Walk down the wooden sidewalks and through the narrow alleys, or enter the historic wooden buildings, now converted into museums, where the daily life of the merchants is brought to life.

The district looks today exactly as it did in the Middle Ages – and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site for a reason. It's an experience not to be missed while you're in Bergen.


Walking down the quay from Bryggen towards the centre, you'll pass Fisketorget – the most famous fish market in Norway and the second of Bergen's main attractions.

It wasn't long ago that traders set up their stalls outside, but in 2011 some of them moved toMathallen, which also houses the tourist information centre.

Prices at Fisketorget are not low, but you can buy all the edible gifts of the North Atlantic here: dolphin crabs, greenland shrimps, redfish, monkfish, dogfish, cod, scary (both in their appearance and their price) catfish, huge halibut, whale, crustaceans, molluscs and, of course, dried fish – rockfish and dried fish.

If you don't want to prepare a delicious fish meal yourself, Mathallen is also home to many good restaurants.

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