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BAF and relevant freight information

Here you’ll find BAF and all the information you need about sending cargo with Fjord Line Freight.

BAF adjustment 01.09.23 til 30.09.23 (per metre)

Bergen/Stavanger – Hirtshals:    100 NOK (8,80 €/ 65,50 DKK)

Kristiansand – Hirtshals:                       90 NOK (7,95 €/ 59,00 DKK)

Domestic route: Bergen – Stavanger     42 NOK (3,70 €/ 27,50 DKK)

BAF adjustment 01.10.23 til 31.10.23 (per metre)

Bergen/Stavanger – Hirtshals:    116 NOK (10,15 €/ 75,50 DKK)

Kristiansand – Hirtshals:                       106 NOK (9,30 €/ 69,00 DKK)

Domestic route: Bergen – Stavanger     50 NOK (4,40 €/ 32,70 DKK)


Arriving at the terminal

Fjord Line places a high priority on safety. The following time limits therefore apply:

Type of cargo All routes
Accompanied vehicles One hour prior to departure
Unaccompanied trailers Two hours prior to departure
General cargo and unaccompanied vehicles Four hours prior to departure




International Maritime Dangerous Goods – IMDG

Due to restrictions on combinations of various types of dangerous good, it is essential that Fjord Line is notified as soon as possible in order to make stowage plans that comply with IMDG regulations.
Fjord Line demands a Dangerous Goods Declaration on all types of dangerous goods, including goods categorized as Special Provisions. A Dangerous Goods Declaration must be presented to the cargo office or our agent within the following time limits:

Day of departure Ports of: Stavanger, Bergen, Hirtshals, Kristiansand, Sandefjord and Strømstad
Monday through Friday Four hours before departure, but not later than 4.00 pm
Saturday and Sunday Not later than Friday at 4.00 pm

In compliance with IMDG regulations, dangerous goods that are declared will be assessed with already accepted goods before being accepted. Dangerous good must be marked with approved labels. Dangerous goods declared after the given time limits will be charged double the IMDG fee if accepted for transport.

The original Dangerous Good Declaration and container packing certificate must be signed by the shipper and must accompany the shipment.