KODE – Art museums and composers' homes

Visit KODE – an association of four impressive art museums and three composers' homes in and around Bergen.

Want to experience some of Norway's most beautiful painting and classical music? Then plan a tour of KODE's impressive collections.
Four art museums in a class of their own
The four art museums (KODE 1–4) contain Norway's second largest art collection with gems by, among others, Edvard Munch, Nikolai Astrup and J.C. Dahl. You can also discover a large collection of Norwegian and international contemporary art, Norway's largest collection of Chinese art and a special art museum for children.
Three artists' homes in scenic surroundings
The unique nature of the Bergen area has been an inspiration to Norwegian and foreign artists throughout history. Today, the homes of three of these artists (Edvard Grieg, Ole Bull and Harald Sæverud) have been turned into small museums where you can discover how they lived and worked, and get up close to the natural areas that inspired their music.
Classical concerts featuring the composers' music are also held in several places, offering a unique museum experience where art, nature and music come together.
Read more about each museum on the KODE website.

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