Oslo Opera House – Fantastic experiences inside and out

At Oslo Operahus, you can experience amazing concerts, performances and other events – and the building offers stunning views over Oslo.

If you're looking for a first–class opera, ballet or music experience, keep an eye out for the Oslo Operahus when you're on holiday in the beautiful capital. The programme often features world artists or concerts by new and emerging talents from the Norwegian music scene.
If the music programme isn't to your taste, visit the Opera House instead for a walk on the impressive sloping roof, which locals and tourists alike use as a destination for a pleasant picnic or coffee break. Here you'll get a spectacular view of the Oslo area – from the fjord and archipelago with its countless islets and colourful cabins, to Oslo itself and beyond to the beautiful hills and mountains that surround the capital.
If you want to combine the two experiences, the Opera House also regularly hosts outdoor concerts, where the roof provides the audience seats.
Read more and see the current programme on the Opera House website.

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Kirsten Flagstads pl. 1, 0150 Oslo, Norge