The Bergen Aquarium – Explore beneath the surface of the sea

At the Aquarium you can get up close to a colourful and exciting range of fish, marine and tropical animals.

The aquarium focuses on providing animals with the most natural living conditions possible, so you can experience impressive outdoor areas, large marine aquariums and a reptile tropical house.

Outdoors, you can watch sea lions being trained and help feed the penguins and, not least, the funny otters. This is also where you will find the large sea aquarium with large fish and various shellfish.

Inside, you can explore 400 species in 60 aquariums and one shark tunnel. Here you can see both Nordic species and more exotic fish, shellfish and molluscs, including fascinating octopuses.

In the tropical section, you can meet everything from snakes, geckos, spiders and insects to marmosets and red and yellow turtles, and if you dare visit the crocodile cellar, you can see the feeding of the Aquarium's rare Philippine crocodiles.

If you get hungry on your own, visit "Spiseriet" where you can enjoy both hot and cold dishes, or take a grab–and–go meal on your tour of the exhibitions.

If you need a break from animal experiences, you'll find Bergen's most beautiful playground on the roof of the Aquarium. Here, children can be entertained with slides, boats, and climbing frames, while adults enjoy the view and a cup of coffee from the Biologakvariet.

The aquarium has many activities every day of the year, and there are often special activities for Halloween, Christmas, and during and outside school holidays, so check their calendar to see what's on the agenda for the day you plan to visit.

Read more and see opening hours on the Aquarium website.

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Akvariet i Bergen, Det Nasjonale Akvariet, Nordnesbakken 4, 5005 Bergen, Norge