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Sustainability is crucial at Fjord Line, and we seek to make it an integral part of our culture and operations. Our understanding of sustainability encompasses environmental, social, and ethical business dimensions.

The world’s first LNG-powered cruise ships
Maritime transportation provides a sustainable alternative to air and road travel, and Fjord Line leads the way in sustainable shipping. In 2013 and 2014, our cruise ships MS Stavangefjord and MS Bergensfjord became the world’s first LNG-powered cruise ships. LNG, a greener form of natural gas, offers up to 25% greater carbon efficiency than conventional fuels like MGO. Today, our ships run on dual-fuel engines, capable of using both LNG and MGO, with a clear ambition to sail predominantly on LNG.

Industry champions in 2023
In 2023, we were honoured with the prestigious title of industry champions in Travel & Tourism by the Sustainable Brand Index. This recognition signifies that Norwegian customers perceive our brand as the most sustainable in the industry.

Leaders in sustainability
In our ongoing sustainability efforts, Fjord Line will focus on the most crucial aspects, including:

  • Climate change
  • Waste management
  • Health, environment and safety

Our goal is to uphold and strengthen our leadership position in sustainability. This involves an ongoing commitment to improvement and the integration of sustainability into all aspects of our work.

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