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Our Mission

Fjord Lines mission is to move people. Not only physically, but also emotionally. On the sea, on land, across the country, between the borders and generations. We strive to give everyone we meet a sense of joy, passion and outstanding service – everytime. In our communication with the world our mantra is: «Det er bare å glede seg». We believe in what we stand for. We believe in what we deliver and we are eternally convinced if you choose Fjord Line, then it’s simply to enjoy looking forward.

Our goal is to become Scandinavias best, most appreciated and most economical ferry company. To be best means to excell outstanding service, spread joy and move people.

Our key focus areas

Our focus areas defines what we should have extra attention to moving forward in order to reach our goal to be Scandinavias best, most loved and most economical ferry company.

Improve customer experience in every corner
We shall create increased customer satisfaction in all digital and analog contact points for our customers

Stimulate and inspire to travel
Through everything from good offers broad range of products, to exciting and inspiring articles about our destinations, shall we stimulate both new and existing customer to travel with us.

Further develop our destinations
In collaboration with our destination partners we shall further develop and create better, more exciting and more relevant package offerings for our customer.

Organize for effective operation and implementation
It is only through profit on our yearly operations at Fjord Line that can provide enough equity to the business we are running. Our business must be ran in an effective and with cost efficienct way in all aspects, in order for us to be able to continue to deliver good experiences for our customers.

Our values

Fjord Line is built on healthy values. We are the expert on travel. Born and raised in Norway, but our heart belongs to Scandinavia. Everything we do is characterized by:

We act with ability to implement and to take action. We are proactive, seize opportunities and take initiative to solve problems. We show stamina, and put in a extra gear when there is a need!

We create values on a sustainable and take responsibility for our impact on society. At Fjord Line we always place health, environment and security at the center.

We show respect and care for people, resources and environment.

Engagement is the driving force in our culture. It is engagement and the driving force that makes our customers happy, and letting us have fun when working every day. As we are telling our customers “it’s just to enjoy looking forward”, we also tell ourselves “It’s just to enjoy looking forward”.

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