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Customs regulations and tax-free allowance

Here you can find all the information you need about tax-free allowances on food, alcohol and tobacco between Norway and Denmark.

For more details we recommend that you study the regulations on the import of duty-free goods relating to Norwegian and Danish customs at www.toll.no and www.skat.dk.

Overview of tax-free allowance

Check what you are allowed to take between Norway and Denmark.

Download the list here

Tax refund

You can get a VAT refund on goods purchased in countries via GLOBEL BLUE stores, if you reside outside Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland, when travelling FROM Norway.

Refunds can only be made with a GLOBAL BLUE receipt and you must present your goods on M/S Bergensfjord or M/S Stavangerfjord.
Receipts marked TOLL must be stamped by Customs from the departure ferry port in Norway and the guest must then return the document to the shop for reimbursement.