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Important information For foot passengers

Here, you can learn more about where and how to board the ship when travelling with Fjord FSTR from Hirtshals to Kristiansand. Please be attentive, listen carefully, and follow the staff's instructions when boarding the ship. 

Fjord FSTR

From Hirtshals to Kristiansand

When boarding the Fjord FSTR catamaran in Hirtshals as a foot passenger, begin by checking in at the terminal as usual. Then, please proceed to the waiting area near the check-in counter. Note that you don’t need to enter the main waiting lounge. After a few moments, you’ll hear an announcement from the customer service staff, advising you when to descend the stairs to the bus that will be awaiting outside. The bus will be waiting in front of the terminal by the right exit. Upon boarding the bus, present your boarding card. The bus will enter the quay area and drop you off at the gangway tower. Then, use the elevator or stairs in the gangway tower to access the ship via the gangway bridge. Upon arrival in Kristiansand and disembarking the ship, you can exit via the gangway into the tube or gangway tunnel.

Complimentary luggage shelves

Keep your luggage secure during the crossing

In the midship by the corridor, you’ll find luggage shelves that you can use freely to store your luggage. Note that any items you place on the luggage shelves are your responsibility

Take the easy road

Opting for public transport

The bus station/train station is located approximately 50 meters from the terminal building in Kristiansand. For route information, visit www.akt.no og www.vy.no.

Good to know

How much luggage?

As a walking passenger, you cannot carry more luggage than you can carry in one go.