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Dear Guest,

We are currently experiencing an extraordinary number of customers getting in touch by email and by telephone. We are doing everything we can to answer our customers and in the coming weeks we expect to contact many thousands of customers. We kindly ask for your patience and understanding during this tough time.

Further, we will contact guests who have departures within the next 14 days. If your journey is not within the next 14 days, we kindly ask you to wait.

We will not be able to assist via Facebook, Instagram, or Messenger.

Here is an overview of the most frequently asked questions Fjord Line has received from our customers about the Covid-19 virus and the changes this has had on travel in Norway. We know that there are many people awaiting to know if they will be able to travel or what is happening with their booking. We will help everyone, however until we get in touch – in chronological order – we have made a short Q&A to inform you, our customer, of your rights.

Fjord Line’s ordinary terms & conditions are here.

You can find information about options for rebooking in the period after Covid-19 in chapter 18.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


I have received a value voucher for the journey which couldn’t be carried out . What can I use the voucher for?

The value voucher can be used to pay for, or partially pay for, journeys with Fjord Line. There are no restrictions that the same passengers or the type of journey must be on the new journey. You are free to choose which type of journey you like along with meals, cabins etc.

I have booked a transport journey with Fjord Line. Can this be booked to the new temporary route between Hirtshals and Kristiansand?

The new route is to ensure the continued transports of goods and people coming from the continent to and from Norway. This route is for Norwegian citizens/residents and Danish citizen/residents. For other passengers the borders are currently closed, and travel will not be possible.

Passengers who are citizens or residents in other countries can use this route for transit, without stopping in Denmark, to get home.

I have booked a transport journey or cruise with Fjord Line.

If you are travelling between 16.03.20 – 30.09.2022 then Fjord Line will not be able to carry out the planned journey. We hope that you can travel with us at a later date. We would like to send you a value voucher for the value of the booked journey so that you can already book to a later date.

I have booked a journey with a departure date after 30.09.2022. Can I have my booking refunded?

Currently, only journeys booked up until 30.09.2022 will be refunded. This is in accordance with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. However, we offer all passengers that have booked ordinary car packages, cruises, and journeys with departure dates between the 10th of March and the 31st of July to change their departure date free of charge. This is valid up until 48 hours before departure.

I have booked a packaged journey with Fjord Line. Will I receive a refund?

Not all combinations of travel products constitute a travel package. Contact Fjord Line for clarification. If the journey you booked is not covered by the Package Travel Act’s provisions, Fjord Line’s ordinary travel conditions apply.

Cancellation or change of travel that cannot be done due to closed borders or by travel advice from the respective country’s authorities can be canceled without charge.

If you are travelling between 16.03.20 – 30.09.2022 then Fjord Line will not be able to carry out the planned journey.

For cancellation or change of travel that is not yet covered by such circumstances, our usual terms and conditions apply

When will i receive a refund?

We can’t say exactly when a refund will occur, but it will take longer than usual. It may be a good alternative to check with your travel insurance if you require a more rapid answer.

I have booked travel with departure after 30.09.2022 Can I get this trip refunded?

At this time, only travel up too and including 30.09.2022 is refundable, in line with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs travel. The reason for this is that we do not yet know how the situation will be in the coming weeks and when it will be advisable to travel again. This will be changed in accordance with any changes coming from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or other relevant authorities.

Thank you for your understanding in this extraordinary situation.