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In Fjord Line, we always focus on offering our passengers the best possible travel options. Therefore we are happy to reveal a minor route diversion that will offer you even more flexible travel options between Hirtshals and Kristiansand – and a brand new domestic route from Kristiansand to Western Norway.  

The diversion means that rather than sailing directly to Stavanger when they set out from Hirtshals, our large cruise ferries will make a stop in Kristiansand before setting the course for Stavanger following a route along the Southern Norway coast.   

This opens a number of new and exciting options for our guests. 

1: Flexible travel from Denmark/Europe to Norway

If you travel from Denmark and Europe, the new evening departure from Hirtshals to Kristiansand offers you a larger freedom of choice in terms of your departure time.  This gives your guests more flexibility when planning their Norwegian vacation.

2: New one-day cruise – Kristiansand-Hirtshals roundtrip

The new evening departure also opens the possibility to go on a one-day roundtrip cruise between Kristiansand and Hirtshals where you can spend 9.5 lovely hours aboard. Here you will have plenty of opportunities to enjoy all that the ferry has to offer – from delicious food and drinks over a wide range of entertainment and live music and to tempting discounts in the Tax-Free and Fashion stores. 

All with an added dose of incredible sea view, fresh sea air – and time to just be with the ones you love.  

3: New domestic route from Kristiansand to Western Norway

As a never-seen-before option, the route diversion now offers you the chance to travel directly from Kristiansand to Western Norway. This enables you to bring your car along to Stavanger or Bergen – without having to spend several hours on the road.  

Just lean back in a comfortable airseat or turn into one of our pleasant cabins and let the ferry bring you safely to your destination – and no matter whether your goal is Stavanger or Bergen, you have the option of enjoying a delicious breakfast in the Commander Buffet before you disembark.  

If your trip takes you all the way to Bergen, you will also have time to make use of all the ferry’s other options for food, drinks and snacks – and of course to enjoy the sheltered sail through mountains and islands between Stavanger and Bergen.