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The fastest on the market between Norway and Denmark Fjord FSTR – The latest addition to the Fjord Line family

Fjord Line has finally taken over its new pride and joy: Fjord FSTR. The ultramodern and super-fast catamaran left the Philippines on 7th March. Follow the voyage here on fjordline.com

Follow the voyage home:

Fjord FSTR sails the following route: Philippines – Sri Lanka – Gulf of Aden – Suez – Port Said – Valetta – Gibraltar – The English Channel – Hirtshals.

  • Thursday 25. March: With the situation of the container ship «MV Ever Given» getting stranded in the Suez Canal. It has shown to be more problematic than anticipated. It implied by several that the situation will continue for several more days before the canal can be opened for traffic. Together with several other ships, FSTR has anchored in the Suez Bay. Captain on board FSTR says that everyone on FSTR is doing well with enough supplies and drinking water.

  • Wednesday 24. March: Suez canal entrance blocked from south. Tuesday evening Panama registered container ship «MV Ever Given» got stuck, blocking traffic from south. With its long size of 400 meters and weighing over 220 tons the ship unfortunately blocked the traffic through the suez canal from south. Fjord FSTR has had to stop and anchor up, waiting for the traffic to be reopened. Reports coming from FSTR says that this could take couple of days. About 19.000 ships goes through the suez canal yearly.

  • Tuesday, 23rd March: Fjord FSTR is located approximately in the middle of the Gulf of Suez with the Sinai Peninsula to starboard and Egypt on the port side. Captain Thorup and his crew expect to arrive in Suez tomorrow at around 6 pm. After that, they embark on the 15 to 18-hour voyage through the Suez Canal. FSTR has had sunny, warm weather and has sailed in calm seas ever since it left the Philippines on 7th March. This is still the case.

  • Sunday, 21st March: The voyage through the Gulf of Aden went smoothly, and on Sunday afternoon, Fjord FSTR is in the Red Sea, off the coast of Eritrea. The temperature is well over 30 degrees, the sun is high in the sky, and Captain Thorup and his crew are still experiencing little wind.

  • Friday, 19th March: The ship passes Yemen and is on its way into the infamous Gulf of Aden where pirate attacks constantly occur. FSTR has received specially-trained soldiers on board, who will protect the ship and crew on the voyage to Suez. With a speed of up to 40 knots, FSTR has better chances than other ships to escape attacks. We cross our fingers for the further journey and hope for a quiet and undramatic voyage ahead. The weather is still glorious in the area, with high temperatures and little wind.

  • Thursday, 18th March: The catamaran has a steady course in the direction of the Yemeni archipelago, Sokotra. The temperature is around 30 degrees, and it is almost windless.

  • Tuesday, 16th March: Captain Thorup reports that FSTR departed from Sri Lanka on Monday just before 6 pm. The course is set northwest in the direction of the Gulf of Aden. Along the way, FSTR will receive security personnel on board, as there may be pirate activity in the waters off Somalia. Continued good weather with sun and little wind is reported.

  • Sunday, 14th March: We note the first stop on the voyage early on Sunday morning. FSTR moors in Galle, Sri Lanka for coaling and other supplies. The crew reports that the ship and all systems are working as expected. The weather is exceptionally good. Due to strict Covid restrictions, the crew must stay on board.

  • Saturday, 13th March: Fjord FSTR crosses the Bay of Bengal on its way to Galle in Sri Lanka.

  • Wednesday, 10th March: Just before 2 pm, Fjord FSTR is a few nautical miles south of Singapore on its way into the Strait of Malacca. The ship and crew hopefully have a nice voyage ahead of them, with Malaysia to starboard and Sumatra on the port side. The temperature is around 30 degrees, but a lot of rain is expected in the coming days.

  • Tuesday, 9th March: Fjord FSTR has passed Brunei and is on its way into Indonesian waters. Captain Thorup is heading for the Strait of Malacca.

  • Sunday, 7th March: Fjord FSTR leaves Blamban in the Philippines and sets course for Galle in Sri Lanka, which is the first stop on the long voyage.

  • Wednesday, 3rd March: The crew, which consists of 11 people from Fjord Line, prepares itself and the ship to cast off and set course for Scandinavia.

  • Friday, 26th February: Around 2 pm on Friday, 26th February, Fjord Line officially took over Fjord FSTR. Fjord Line has 11 people on board who, during approx. 4 weeks, will ensure that the ship will come safely home to Norway and Denmark. Along the way, a number of tests and adjustments will be made.