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  • Strömstad
  • Sandefjord
Departure from Strömstad
12:00 + 18:30
Departure from Sandefjord
08:30 + 15:20

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Departure from Strömstad: 12:00 + 18:30
Departure from Sandefjord 08:30 + 15:20

On MS Oslofjord you can sail quickly and comfortably between Strömstad and Sandefjord. The ship was completely refurbished in time for the route opening in 2014. On board you will find a light, modern interior with plenty of seating space. The ship can accommodate 1,350 passengers and 370 cars on the crossing. On the comfortable 2 hours and 30 minutes crossing, you will have ample time to put your feet up and relax.

Relax and enjoy a nice meal in one of our many restaurants. Our extensive buffet offers many different and delicious dishes so let your taste buds guide you to exciting taste experiences. MS Oslofjord also has a playroom for the smallest passengers.

And perhaps the older ones would like some Olympic-level shopping. On MS Oslofjord, we have 1,800 square metres dedicated to tax-free shopping with lots of great offers. We promise you won’t get bored on board!