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Strömstad ferry terminal

The port of Torskholmen is close to both Strömstad train station and good bus connections - just a few minutes' walk from the centre of Strömstad.

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But don’t worry, just below the surface there’s plenty here for you to see and do. You’ll find our terminal on Torskholmen, just a stone’s throw from the centre of Strömstad. From here you’re also just a few minutes’ drive from the E6 and the road ahead, and there are also plenty of bus routes and a perfectly suitable train station in the immediate vicinity. What’s more, the town is perfectly situated between Oslo and Gothenburg, just half an hour’s drive from either of the major cities.

Strömstad is therefore ideally located as a base for further exploration. But there’s no need to rush off anywhere. Strömstad is a cosy and intimate town with a laid back atmosphere, good restaurants and wonderful shopping streets. Relax and put down your bags for a night or two.

Our capable staff in Strömstad will safely see cars and foot passengers on and off MS Oslofjord.
Our capable staff in Strömstad will safely see cars and foot passengers on and off MS Oslofjord.

Practical information

Luggage boxes

Yes, at the check-in office for foot passengers. The toilets are also available for car passengers.

Outside the check-in booths by the engine shed and by the railway station. Free parking in low season. NOK 12 per hour in June, July and August. There are long-term and short-term parking options at the northern and southern entrances to Strömstad.

No. The check-in office only has one floor.

In the centre of Strömstad.

The ticket office accepts NOK and SEK.
Authorized Cards and Payment Options: Visa, Mastercard, Mobile Pay, Vipps, Maestro, Diners and American Express

Top attractions in Strömstad

Strömstad has more to offer than just cheap meat and packed shopping centres. Follow our recommendations and we guarantee you’ll discover a whole new side to this pleasant seaport.

Koster islands

Are you feeling a bit worn out, both mentally and physically, by the hustle and bustle of everyday life? If so, you should venture off to the ferry port in Strömstad, just a little further north than where your Fjord Line ship arrives from/leaves to Sandefjord. From here you can take the ferry to Koster – two beautiful, car-free islands just off the Strömstad coast. The Koster islands offer fresh sea air, great cycle paths and the very best holiday atmosphere. The islands are blessed with plenty of sun in the summer and are ideal for holidaying families and couples alike.


Watch out for Daftö – the ultimate children’s holiday paradise! Here you’ll find everything you could wish for including an amusement park, swimming pool, playground, fairground and mini golf. Daftö is also one of Sweden’s largest camping spots, so you can come along and settle into a caravan, camper van or cabin. You’ll easily find accommodation to suit you and your companions here. Daftö is less than 10 minutes by car from the ferry quay in Strömstad. It doesn’t get much easier than that.

Bohusleden trail

Outdoor enthusiasts should not miss the Bohusleden trail in summer – there are so many new hunting grounds to discover. The area offers almost endless options to explore, all in the inspiring and scenic surroundings along the wild and beautiful Bohuslän coast. Bohusleden has 27 trails divided into 370 km sections, so don’t forget your walking shoes… and plasters!


In the archipelago north-west of Strömstad, you’ll find the sculpture and flower garden Alaska on Nord Långö island. The spectacular garden was built by Hilma, a gold-digger who returned home to create sculptures, terraces, pavilions, bridges and a watchtower. Add in the particularly lush flora and you’re left with a striking visual impression that lingers long after the summer sun has disappeared behind the coastal rocks.


Just north of Strömstad you’ll find a treasure of cultural history that simply must not be missed. Blomsholm hosts a rich array of artefacts from the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Viking period. Among other things, here you’ll find Bohuslän’s largest stone circle and Sweden’s third largest stone ship/ship setting. You’ll also find seven burial grounds from the Iron Age in the area, so history enthusiasts will find plenty to interest them. Bohuslän’s largest burial mound, Grönehög (around 500 AD) is also only about one kilometre south of the prehistoric site.