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– We are extremely pleased closing this deal with Jotun. We’re growing with more than 15 percent annually and from January 1st 2020 we’ll expand further by moving from operating one into two vessels on the route between Sandefjord (Norway) and Strömstad (Sweden). We deem Sandefjord to be the best place in Vestfold county to operate a ferry business from. The investment we’re now about to make at Vindal, goes to show our long-term ambitions in and for the city of Sandefjord, says Rickard Ternblom, CEO of Fjord Line.

Great ambitions

On the lot at Vindal, a green port is to be built with a completely new quay front and interfaces, a terminal building, marshalling areas for tourist vehicles and trailers and other necessary service facilities. In and around the property, equalling 11 soccer fields, new green and park like areas are to be established for the benefit of both travellers and neighbours.

– It’s a privileged starting point building a port from scratch, should we be granted necessary permissions. It gives us the possibility to take use of the latest and most modern technology in all stages and thus implementing the most sustainable and customer friendly solutions available. We are very humble and grateful for the way the public in the region has received us. We can now build a brand-new port where we can provide our many loyal customers an even better experience, says Mr Ternblom.

Contribution to city development

The municipality has for several years signalled that they wish to close the ferry berth in the city port and regulate the area into residential-, service-, and other commercial development. The aim is to reduce traffic and the environmental impact in the city centre. Fjord Line now claim that the Sandefjord politicians easier can realize these plans moving the ferry port out of the city centre.

– We’ve listened to the signals form the politicians and by this move giving our contribution to city development in Sandefjord. The port at Vindal will be available for other operators as well, and we would gladly welcome Color Line to use this port, should they want to take use of this facility for their Sandefjord-Strömstad operation. The port itself will be organized as a separate entity within the Fjord Line Group and other operators can buy services from that entity on normal and transparent commercial terms, says Rickard Ternblom.

Environmental partnership

As a part of the agreement with Jotun and Fjord Line, lies a collaboration in regard of removing the waste deposits today present on the property. CEO of Jotun, Mr Morten Fon, is pleased that the lot now will be cleared in a safe and responsible way and that the property is further developed into a commercial area.

– This property has been locked off and unused for many years. Now the waste deposits will be removed once and for all, the property activated again, and we’ve secured that it is taken into use for commercial and value adding activities rendering further job opportunities in Sandefjord. We experience Fjord Line as a long-term and professional player, and have had a good dialogue with them throughout this process, says Mr Fon.

Fjord Line will immediately initiate the dialogue with the municipality so that the plan- and regulation processes can get underway for necessary permissions to be granted. The port, should the plans become a reality, will be ready well in time for 2025.


Rickard Ternblom, CEO in Fjord Line, phone: +47 952 09 388

Christian Espolin Johnson, Group Communications Director in Jotun, phone: +47 976 45 494

About Fjord Line
Fjord Line was founded in 1993 and is today Norway’s second largest international ferry shipping company for passengers and freight between Norway, Sweden and Denmark with a market share of 20%. Fjord Line operates four vessels on five routes, has about 700 FTE’s and carried 1,3 million passengers and about 65,000 freight units in 2017.

About Jotun
The Group has 64 companies and 40 production facilities on all continents. Jotun is represented in over 100 countries. We supply paints and coatings that have been specially developed for unique conditions. In 2017 Jotun’s turnover was BNOK 16,4 and today has more than 9,800 employees. The group is organized in four business segments with seven regions. The head office is in Sandefjord, Norway.

Published: 19. June 2018 10:47